is a new DLC mode for PlayStation All-Stars' battle royale that involves around a platformer style story mode.


story Edit

The story mode starts out with ratchet and clank Mr. Zurkon get call of Sasha Phyronix the thieves on on her homeworld Marcadia little help with Angela Cross and ratchet clank zurkon take Aphelion go to Marcadia ratchet  and guys on marcadia finl 3 thieves and ratchet clank finl theieves is sly cooper ratchet and sly meet once a again ratchet tell sly why he on marcadia why on he universe


Playable CharactersEdit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

are playable characters that can be unlocked in this mode to use in it.

  • Emmett Graves</li>
  • Kat & Dusty</li>
  • Zeus</li>
  • Isaac Clarke </li>
  • Lara Croft </li>
  • Aya brea </li>
  • Rayne </li>
  • Lightning</li>





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