Algol in Soulcalibur 5

Voiced By Jamieson Price
Franchise Soul 
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Royale
Debut Algol the Hero King
Rival Roxas

"You shall be the sacrafice for my resurrection!"

Algol is one of the characters in the Soul Series. He is also a playable character in  Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.


He makes his first appearence in Soul Calibur IV as the main antagonist and one of the final bosses. He is also referred as "The Great Hero King." He controls both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. He is now always in search for conquest. 


  • Soul Calibur IV
  • Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
  • Soul Calibur V



Algol senses Polygon Man. Knowing how much power he has, Algol decides to defeat Polygon Man in order to control the energy in the realm. 


Name: Roxas

Reason: Algol is still searching for Polygon Man when he sees Roxas. He asks Roxas if he knows anything. Roxas is confused and has no clue. Algol believes Roxas is hiding something and continues to ask. Roxas gives Algol attitude and tells Algol to get out of his way and summons his dual keyblades.

Connection: Both Algol and Roxas sacraficed their own bodies and presented themselves in new ones. (Algol sacraficed himself with Soul Calibur and used Soul Edge to make himself a new body. Roxas was originally Sora who sacraficed himself to save Kairi and Roxas had to be in a new body since Sora came back.) Both carry dual uniquen weapons that gives a light and darkness theme (Algol having Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. Roxas having Oblivion and Oathkeeper.) 


Algol returns with greater power after defeating Polygon Man, and becomes prepared to destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way.



(Square Moves)

  • Chertan Aladfar-[2]- either Soul Edge or Soul Calibur is unleashed from his hands if you repeat.
  • Mirfak Aladfar- [3] or [4][5]- a hook that unleashes from Algol's hand.
  • Alaraph Achernar- [6] [7]- both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur unleasheds from Algol's hands at opposite sides.
  • Hadar Saiph- [8] [9]- croutched attack 
  • Wasat Almeisan- [10](midair)- a heavy fly attack through your enemys.
  • Mirfak Aladfar-[11] [12](midair)-a hook that will have your opponent go flying
  • Float like a god- [13] [14] (midair) - Algol will float higher
  • Spinning Alaraph Achernar- [15] or [16] [17]


(Triangle Moves)

  • Eltanin Nath- [19]- Shoots heavnly gaze spheres 
  • Dual Wings-  [20] or [21][22]- Metal hook wings that come out from his back  
  • Wing's Wrath- [23] [24]-Stikes opponents down with the weight of dual wings
  • Eltanin Nath- [25] [26]- shoots heavnly gaze spheres up in the air
  • Dual Wings- [27](midair)
  • Spinning Eltanin Nath- [28] or [29][30](midair)

(Still in Progress)


Ultimate KingEdit

The default costume of Algol (appearence in Soulcalibur 5)

  • Black hair: black cloths
  • Red hair: bronze cloths
  • White hair: white cloths


Algol's appearence in Soulcalibur 4

  • Black hair: black armor
  • Red hair: bronze armor
  • White hair: white armor


Algol's son

  • Black hair: black armor
  • Red hair: bronze armor
  • White hair: white armor

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