Along with several costumes, each character has 3 alternate colors in the case that more than one of a certain character is in the match at the same time. This is also applicable to alternate costumes. Returning characters have additional colors along with their original colors, as well as some alternations.

Returning CharactersEdit


Sweet ToothEdit

Fat PrincessEdit

Sly CooperEdit

Colonel RadecEdit

PaRappa the RapperEdit

Nathan DrakeEdit

Big DaddyEdit

Heihachi MishimaEdit

Toro InoueEdit

Jak & DaxterEdit

Cole MacGrathEdit


Ratchet & ClankEdit



Evil Cole MacGrathEdit



Sir Daniel FortesqueEdit

Kat & DustyEdit

Emmett GravesEdit

Isaac ClarkeEdit


New CharactersEdit


Azuma NinjaEdit

Rikimaru Color Palletes

Shadow AssassinEdit

Shadow Assassin Rikimaru Color Palletes

Young RikimaruEdit

Young Rikimaru Color Palletes


Hoodlum HavocEdit

Rayman Color Palletes 1

Disco RaymanEdit

Disco Rayman Color Palletes

Gangster RaymanEdit

Gangster Rayman Color Palletes

Jin KazamaEdit

Mishima FlamesEdit

Jin Alternate Colors

Karate JacketEdit

  • Default: Blue jacket, white gauntlets
  • Purple jacket, red gauntlets
  • White jacket, green gauntlets
  • Black jacket, black gauntlets

Mishima School UniformEdit

  • Default: dark blue shirt, red gloves, dark green pants
  • Black shirt, white gloves, dark blue pants
  • White shirt, green gloves, dark brown pants
  • Red shirt, black gloves, white pants



Dan Colors

Winter DanEdit

Dan in his winter coat.

  • Green Skin - Green coat and black shirt.
  • Red Skin - Red coat and white shirt.
  • White Skin - White coat and green shirt.
  • Black Skin - Black coat and red shirt.

Shakespeare DanEdit

Dan in his Shakespeare costume.

  • Black Skin - Black cape and white nose.
  • Red Skin - Red cape and black nose.
  • White Skin - White cape and red nose.
  • Green Skin - Green cape and yellow nose.


Hygienic AlligatorEdit

Swampy Colors

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