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These achievements and trophies can be unlocked on any version of Animation All-Stars.

Arcade ModeEdit

  • Hero Time! - Clear Ben Tennyson's Arcade mode.
  • Mission Accomplished - Clear Agent P's Arcade mode.
  • The Avatar Prevails - Clear Korra's Arcade mode.
  • And so, Once Again, the Day is Saved... Clear the Powerpuff Girls' Arcade mode.
  • The Ultimate Invader - Clear Zim's Arcade mode.
  • Greetings from LEGO City - Clear Chase McCain's Arcade mode.
  • With Great Power... - Clear Spider-Man's Arcade mode.
  • ...Comes Great Responsability - Clear Venom's Arcade mode.
  • Goin' Ghost - Clear Danny Phantom's Arcade mode.
  • Dragon Up! - Clear Jake Long's Arcade mode.
  • Just in Time for Dinner - Clear Garfield and Odie's Arcade mode.
  • Adventure Time! - Clear Finn and Jake's Arcade mode.

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