Vital statistics
Title Append
Series of Origin Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
Based on Assassin's Creed III

Append is a DLC costume for Hatsune Miku. It can be purchased alone at 1,99$ or in a small pack at 4,99$.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Orange skin: a recolor based on the Racing 2010 outfit of Project DIVA Extend.
  • Black skin: a recolor based on the Plug-In outfit of Project DIVA.
  • Yellow skin: a recolor based on the Yellow outfit of Project DIVA 2nd.


Append is the outfit Hatsune Miku wears in Hatsune Miku Append. The Miku Vocaloid 2 voicebank and the Append voicebanks are sold separately. The voicebanks of Miku Append are different from the voicebank of the original Miku voicebank. All the new voicebanks were voiced by Saki Fujita. (The voicer of the original Miku voicebank.) The name of the voicebanks are Soft, Sweet, Dark, Vivid, Solid, and Light. Crypton announced that it was an append disk (an addition which offers extension to computer softwares and is similar to Expansion Packs in English) and that users need the original Miku to utilize Miku Append. It costs collectively slightly under the original Miku price[4]. While Append had been announced on Miku's second birthday, it was released over eight months later. The different appends are meant to capture the "moods" of Miku's voice, and were described by Cypton Future Media as "like a rainbow of color" that had been created from vocal performance of her voice provider.

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