Primary Representation Lair
Secondary Representation Devil May Cry

Asylia is a stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II based on Lair and Devil May Cry.


Before the battle begins, you see Rohn running towards his dragon, mount, and then take off into the skies towards the battle above. The battle occurs on the bridge, which overlooks the sprawling city. Throughout the entire battle, conflict between the Asylian and Mokai Burners occur, not only with the dragons attacking each other, but with bombs being launched towards the foreground buildings and even at the bridge, which can sap the AP of anyone hit. As the battle goes on, eventually the entire stage begins shifting into Limbo and becomes more demonic in appearance. On two of the towers, letters appears vertically saying, "Lie" and "Hate". Up in the skies, the Burners from both sides are attacked by Harpies, Bathos', and Pathos'. The Harpies swooping down at the riders, ripping them from their dragons, and the Bathos' and Pathos' fire away from afar with their explosives and crossbow respectively. Occasionally, they may fire at the bridge themselves, with the explosives taking a few seconds to explode and the crossbow being instantaneous. As the battle is nearly over, Rohn and the Burners turn the tide against the demons and are victorious.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

  • Rohn (Lair)
  • Asylian Burners (Lair)
  • Mokai Burners (Lair)
  • Harpy (Devil May Cry)
  • Bathos (Devil May Cry)
  • Pathos (Devil May Cry)


  • The letters on the tower saying "Lie" and "Hate" are a reference to the Asylians' hatred of the Mokai and the deception utilized to prolong and further ignite the conflict between the two.

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