Boggy B
Boggy B
Voiced By Guy Harris
Franchise Worms
Appears in Playstation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale
Rival Lemming

Boggy B is a protagonist of Worms series and is playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.



When Doctor Vargas stumbled into a temple he thought was going to be empty like all the others, he didn't expect to stumble upon a curious orb of ancient design. After years of experiments and development, that curious orb became his greatest creation: Knack. His body is composed of ancient relics suspended in a humanoid figure, but this accumulation of relics can grow as he collects them in his adventures, growing him to gigantic sizes. He was assigned to aid humanity in fighting the Goblin forces, led by the dreaded Gundahar.


  • Forklore


Boggy is seen sitting in his chair in his apartment talking to to his pal spadge about a way to be famous again. As he gets up from his chair,Boggy receives a package from Sony and High Moon Studios. boggy reveals that the only way to be famous again is to join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Eager and excited to meet (or kill) the Sony mascots, boggy grabs his guns and swords and teleports to the PlayStation world.Edit


Rival: Lemming

Reason: TBA

Connection: TBA


After Deadpool defeats the final boss, he takes a seat in his chair, turns on the TV and enjoys a game of PlayStation All-Stars. Deadpool laughs as he plans to change the PlayStation All-Stars game and become the main mascot of Marvel. The Merc with a Mouth looks at the camera and says, "you'll see me in the next game, guys", then shoots the camera.


boggy is a tactical fighter. With a large variety of moves and few combos, he is perfect for anyone who is looking for a challenge.

Btn square

(Square Moves)

  • Prod -  Btn square  - Boggy B does a punch.
  • Baseball Bat -  Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square - Boggy B launches his opponent with his baseball bat.
  • Ninja Rope -   Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square - Shoots a ninja rope in a diagonal direction from himself. If it hits a wall, he pulls himself up to that spot and can drop Dynamite.
  • Pneumatic Drill -  Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square - Drops to the ground, drilling the ground similar as Big Daddy's Drill Slam.
  • Air Prod - Btn square (midair)
  • Air Baseball Bat -  Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square (midair)
  • Air Ninja Rope -  Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square (midair)
  • Air Pneumatic Drill -  Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square (midair)

Btn triangle

(Triangle Moves)

  • Uzi - Btn triangle - Hold the button to aim as you fire out 15 rapid-fire bullets.
  • Bazooka - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle - Fires a chargeable Bazooka.
  • Cluster Bomb - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle - Throws a Cluster Bomb, which after a second explodes into five mini shrapnel pieces that fall to the ground causing more explosion.
  • Mine - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle - Drops a mine right below him, which explodes on-contact.
  • Air Uzi - Btn triangle (midair) 
  • Air Bazooka - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle (midair)
  • Air Cluster Bomb - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle (midair)
  • Air Mine - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle (midair)

Btn circle

(Circle Moves)

  • Old Lady -  Btn circle - Pops out an old lady who walks in one direction and smack opponents with her cane before exploding.
  • Sentry Turret -  Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle - Throws out a sentry turret.
  • Teleport - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle - Works same as Spike's Teleport Boots.
  • Buffalo of Lies - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle - Throws out a buffalo that runs forward, launching opponents on it's way.
  • Air Old Lady - Btn circle (midair)
  • Air Sentry Turret - Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle (midair)
  • Air Teleport -  Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle (midair)
  • Air Buffalo of Lies -  Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle (midair)



  • Sniper - Playstation-Rstick-Left or Playstation-Rstick-Right - Pulls out a sniper and snipes the opponent away.
  • Blow Torch - Playstation-Rstick-Up - Proceeds to blow torch opponent upwards.
  • Battle Axe - Playstation-Rstick-Down - Hits opponent into the ground with battle axe.

Btn l1Btn r1

(Trigger Moves)

  • Item Pick-up - Btn r1
  • Block - Btn l1 - Turns himself invisible.
  • Evade -  Btn l1 + Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right

Btn r2

(Super Moves)

  • Holy Hand Grenade - Btn r2 (Level 1): Shoots out a Holy Hand Grenade, which explodes on impact.
  • Concrete Donkey - Btn r2 (Level 2): Pulls out a cursor and upon activation drops a statue which kills anything in it's drop area.
  • Armageddon - Btn r2 (Level 3): Boggy B causes asteroids to fall from the sky, similar to Fat Princess's.

Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • Skip Go - Boggy B pulls out a skipping rope and says something while skipping.
  • Short Term Memoery - BOGGY rubs his head in confusion saying "Aren't we supposed to be doing somthing?"
  • Electronic Magic - BOGGY warps out of the stage and back in again without taking notice and then says "Eh?!"


  • Character Select:
    • "'Bout time!"
    • "Ooh a fight! Sounds like fun!"
    • "Thank you! Being the CPU again would bore me outta my wits!"
  • Prematch:
    • "What a trip!"
  • Item Pick-up:
    • "Groovy!"
    • "Check this baby out!"
    • "Oh Yeah!"
    • "What a waste of good weaponry!"
    • "Finders keepers!'"
    • "I got to it first! It's mine!"
    • "Does this thing belong to any of you? Meh, it's mine now!"
  • Using Switch Off:
    • "Out you go!"
  • Using Static Attack:
    • "This won't hurt a bit!"
  • Using Gexzilla:
    • "Whoa! Now THIS is more like it!"
  • Succesful KO:
    • ​"Now whose the one gettting squished?"
    • "Now that HAD to hurt!"
    • "Think I'm harmless? Think again!"
    • "You'll need more than that to take me down!"
    • "BOOM and SPLAT!"
    • "BOOF, and you're gone!"
    • "Too Easy!"
    • "Heh!"
    • "Is that all you got?"
    • "That's more like it!"
  • Respawn:
    • "​Just a prick and nothing else!"
    • "OW Hey! Cut that out, will you!?!"
    • "Who says only cats have nine lives?"
    • "Not today!"
    • "Sheeesh, calm down!"
    • "YOW! what a suprise!"
    • "Looks like this won't be easy peasy after all..."
    • "EEEEK!"
    • "You haven't seen the last of me! No, literally, you haven't!"
    • "I beat death and now I'll beat you!"
    • "What's the fun of battling if no one dies?"

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • Parachute - Boggy B drops from a parachute and gives a thumbs-up.
  • Centipede - Gex crawls along the ground and then springs up onto his feet
  • Dimensional Warp - Gex warps into the stage and says "What a trip!"
  • Do The Bond - Gex walks onscreen from the side and then points his remote at the camera like a gun, as if here were impersonating James Bond.

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Too Easy - Gex throws his remote into the air and catches it with ease.
  • That's How I Do It - Gex crosses his arms with a grin while holding his remote in one hand and as the camera zooms in on his head.
  • That Was Fun - Gex has his back to the camera as he looks past it and then warps into a TV.
  • Agent Of Style - Gex has his hand in the air as he brings it down and points his remote past the camera.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If using Too Easy - Gex is seen flipping around in midair until he lands flat on his front.
  • If using That's How I Do It - Gex is seen lying on his back with a white flower in his hands.
  • If using That Was Fun - Gex slaps his head while shaking it in disgrace.
  • If using Agent Of Style - Gex turns away from the camera, points his remote at it and switches it off.


Regular GexEdit

Gex in his default appearance

  • Purple Skin - Purple skin with black belly.
  • Orange Skin - Orange skin with grey belly.
  • Black Skin - Black skin with brown belly.

Tuxedo GexEdit

Gex in his secret agent uniform.

  • White Skin - White tuxedo with black skin.
  • Grey Skin - Grey tuxedo with brown skin.
  • Brown Skin - Brown tuxedo with orange skin.

Kung Fu GexEdit

Gex in his Kung Fu outfit

  • Blue Skin - Blue outfit with orange skin.
  • Yellow Skin - Yellow outfit with purple skin.
  • Green Skin - Green outfit with black skin.

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