Vital statistics
Title Butcher
Series of Origin Silent Hill
Based on The Butcher from Silent Hill: Origins

Butcher is an unlockable costume for Pyramid Head. It is unlocked when reaching Rank 10 with Pyramid Head.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Green skin - wears a green apron.
  • Blue skin - wears a blue apron.
  • Red skin -- wears a red apron.


The Butcher is a monster that appears in Silent Hill: Origins as a major antagonist towards Travis Grady. The Butcher is a humanoid creature much like Pyramid Head in design, behavior, and function. He is well-built with a butcher's apron which is almost completely covered in blood. He wears a series of metal plates that cover the left half of his face and left shoulder. The other half of his face is fairly empty, save for a deep hole where the ear would be on a human head, a nose, and a very mild relief on his visage that almost resembles the top of an eye socket. Overall, his quite featureless mug is quite similar to that of Valtiel. His trademark weapon is a heavily over-sized meat cleaver known as the Great Cleaver.

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