Voiced By Fred Tatasciore
Franchise marvel
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Marvel Vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes
 cable is a major supporting character in x-men He first appeared in (As Nathan Summers) Uncanny X-Men #201 (1986); (as Cable) New Mutants #87 (1990)


When geneticist Mr. Sinister found that a union between the X-Men Scott Summers and Jean Grey would produce a powerful mutant he hoped he could control such a mutant and use it to defeat Apocalypse. At the time, Jean Grey was believed dead, so Sinister created a clone of her. He named the clone Madelyne Pryor, and created a false background for her. He arranged for her to meet Scott Summers. Scott was instantly drawn to Madelyne because she strongly resembled his true love. They quickly married and Madelyne later became pregnant. They named their son Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. Together they raised the child in Anchorage, Alaska. Everything changed when Scott's first love, Jean Grey, was discovered alive. Scott left little Nathan and Madelyne to reunite with Jean and other founding members of the X-Men to form a new team called X-Factor. Mr. Sinister sent his Marauders to capture Nathan and to kill Madelyne before she could be exposed as a clone. Madelyne survived and came into the care of the the X-Men while Sinister took Nathan to his secret lab hidden under an orphanage in Nebraska. There, he experimented on Christopher. Sinister was thorough and erased all existence of Nathan and Madelyne. Scott believed Madelyne had moved away with the baby. Madelyne and the X-Men were believed to have been killed in Dallas by the Adversary, but they were actually relocated to Australia and made invisible to sensory equipment by Roma. The precognitive mutant Destiny pointed Scott to the orphanage in Nebraska. Scott and Jean attempted to retrieve his son. Madelyne Pryor was captured by Mister Sinister who revealed her true origin to her, this revelation causes her to go insane. Madelyne became aware of her latent telekinetic and telepathic abilities, and became the Goblin Queen. The Goblin Queen,

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • cable appears as a downloadable minion that can be purchased for free
"Who The Fuck Is That?" (Cable's Intro Song) from the Deadpool video game00:15

"Who The Fuck Is That?" (Cable's Intro Song) from the Deadpool video game

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