Captain of the Aquila
Captain Aquila Render
Vital statistics
Title Captain of the Aquila
Series of Origin Assassin's Creed
Based on Assassin's Creed III

Captain of the Aquila is a DLC costume for Connor Kenway. It can be purchased alone at 1,99$ or in a small pack at 4,99$.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Black skin: color swap of Captain Kidd.
  • Green skin: color swap of Colonial Assassin.
  • Red skin: color swap of the Red Coats.


The Captain of the Aquila outfit was a captain's uniform worn by Ratonhnhaké:ton. Although similar in appearance to the default outfit worn when on board the Aquila, it differed in that it was more formal in appearance, and possessed slight alterations. He wore this outfit during the sea missions that you could play in Assassin's Creed III.

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