At the moment there are many crossover fighting games being made like; PlayStation All-Stars, Smash Brothers, Marvel vs. Capcom, Punch Time Explosion and more. There are three main cartoon channels on TV now; Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. And crossover games featuring cartoon characters are always awesome. So here is a list of possible candidates for Cartoon Crossover Fighting Games.

Note that this are all possible people who can be included, and not a list of who I want in.

The Mega Roster!!!Edit

Nicktoons Cartoon Network
SpongeBob SquarePants Blossom
Patrick Star (2nd wave DLC) Bubbles
Sandy Cheeks (2nd wave DLC) Buttercup
Sheldon Plankton on Larry the Lobster (1st wave DLC) Mojo Jojo
The Flying Dutchman HIM (1st wave DLC)
Danny Phantom Princess Morbucks (2nd wave DLC)
Sam Manson (2nd wave DLC) Finn & Jake
Skulker Marceline
Ember McLain Flame Princess (1st wave DLC)
Technus Princess Bubblegum
Valery Gray (2nd wave DLC) Ice King
Timmy Turner with Cosmo, Wanda & Poof Ben Tennyson
Vicky (2nd wave DLC) Young Ben Tennyson (2nd wave DLC)
Mark Chang (2nd wave DLC) Gwen Tennyson
<open FoP spot> (2nd wave DLC) Kevin E. Levin
Jimmy Neutron & Goddard Vilgax
Professor Calamitous Julie Yamamoto & Ship (2nd wave DLC)
Beautiful Gorgeous Grim Reaper
Sheen Estevez (Planet Sheen) Billy & Mandy
Invader Zim & GIR (1st wave DLC) Nergal Junior
Gaz Membrane (2nd wave DLC) Hoss Delgado
Sokka Irwin (1st wave DLC)
Zuko (1st wave DLC) Dexter
Toph Beifong Mandark
Azula Monkey
Korra Numbuh 86
Asami Sato Father
Amon Toiletnator
Jenny (XJ-9) Cree Lincoln (1st wave DLC)
Vega Riby & Mordecai
Misty (1st wave DLC) Skips
Vexus Techmo (1st wave DLC)
El Tigre Muscle Man & Hi Five Ghost
Black Cuervo Samurai Jack
Django of the Dead (2nd wave DLC) Aku
Rocko Wallaby (1st wave DLC) The Scotsman
Really Really Big Man Demongo (1st wave DLC)
Dr. Hutchison Courage
Dudley Puppy Katz
Kitty Katswell Robert
Tommy Pickles Carrie
Kimi Watanabe-Finster Rex Salazar
Reptar Agent Six
Kyle the Conjurer Van Kleiss (2nd wave DLC)
Man-Arctica Flapjack
Ren Höek & Stimpy Cat Captain K'nuckles
Tak Chowder
Dr. Blowhole Octus (2nd wave DLC)
Tai Lung Johnny Bravo (1st wave DLC)
Raphael Otto Ossworth
Artie, the Strongest Man in the World Ed, Edd & Eddy
Bessie Higgenbottom Mac & Bloo
Dora Marquez & Boots Wilt
Doug Funnie Coco (2nd wave DLC)
Mr. Smith Juniper Lee
Otto Rocket Robotboy
Rudy Tabootie Johnny X & Super Pooch
The Gromble Supercow
Vendetta & Grudge Lin Chung (2nd wave DLC)
Muscular Beaver (1st wave DLC) Dick Dastardly (2nd wave DLC)
CatDog (1st wave DLC) Doyle Blackwell (2nd wave DLC)
Mikey Simon (Wii U exclusive) Fred Flinstone (Wii U exclusive)
Mina Harper (PlayStation 4 exclusive) Raven (PlayStation 4 exclusive)
Rango (Xbox One exclusive) Space Ghost (Xbox One exclusive)

I only can't decide who to fill the fourth Fairly OddParents spot, so here is a poll;

Fourth Fairly OddParents Character?

The poll was created at 22:17 on July 9, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.

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