These are any and all ideas for a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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Story ConceptsEdit

Kevfilms2x2's versionEdit

A strange event occurs, ripping through many parallel dimensions. A Powerful Diety known as the "All-Star" Challenges the parallel's greatests warriors to challenge him. Many great icons, Good and Bad, Travel the distant clustered world, fighting to challenge the Diety and save their world. Who would become the next All-Star?

Nkstjoa's versionEdit

As heroes are suddenly thrown into new worlds, Polygon Man has gathered villains to join him in a conquest of the entire PlayStation universe. Will the heroes be able to work together to halt this threat or will he and his forces prove to be unmatched?

LeeHatake's versionEdit

Polygon Man, the supposed master of the PlayStation Multiverse, is travelling through various universes to enlist various villains from PlayStation history in order to build an army and conqueor every world in the Multiverse. Sackboy of LittleBigPlanet and an Avatar of PlayStation Home take notice of this and unite in order to use their own talents to travel between worlds, collecting the heroes of each realm in the hopes that they will unite in order to stop Polygon Man and his growing military force.

DKH's VersionEdit

Polygon Man has risen from his eternal slumber after being defeated by warriors long ago. He now wants to take revenge on those warriors and team up with the evil Calypso. He searched over several dimensions to collect some monsters to unleash in his own created universe, which is a mash-up from several existing ones. Polygon Man and Calypso discussed how to get revenge and Polygon Man gets the idea to organize a tournament and gathered all the strongest heroes and villains to see who will survive his tasks and will be worthy to fight him.

Armaxilump's Version Edit

After defeated Polygon Man. The power will gived maded be side, good and evil have prize for the all-stars. Even seens the immortal arrived to Sony universe, Ares returns from he died by Kratos, for now he haves plan to taked over all universes of Sony. For now will become the ultimate warrior and Ares will gived the most powerful all-stars for all characters, as gived to changed to fight our war between Mortal and Immortal. Time to become the most powerfull warriors will be prize to become, the God of War.

New ModesEdit

Story Mode : Play through the climactic campaign by yourself or with another local/online player with any character (every All-Star has a unique Story).

Event Match: Try your hands at these events starring all of the All-Stars.

Polygonal Tournament : Compete for the title of either Best All-Star Fighter or Best All-Star Team. Fight in 8 consequotive battles for victory points and enjoy the announcers's smart ass comments about the fights and everybody's performance.

Survival Mode: Fight against an endless wave of enemies either as a team or solo. How long can you and your All-Star survive?

Titan Mode: Play as one of your favorite bosses, and engage in a gigantic battle between titans.

Minion Mode: Play as either miniature sized all-star or play as one of your favorite battles in a mini-sized world.

Online Mode : This could be similar to other online modes in other fighting games like Mortal Kombat reboot and Injustice God Amoung Us.


  • Create-An-All-Star:In this mode players would be able to create their own All-Stars with the their own vision.This could be similar the Soul Calibur's Character Creation feature.
  • Stage Creation : Players would be given a set of base stages from each franchise that they could modify to their wishes has in modify the atmosphere ,lightning ,platforms ,background and amoung other things.A another feature it would be given set of characters that could act as hazards or background cameos, and the player would also have the option of deciding when the hazards would appear, and finally the player could select the music track from either the hard drive or the optional soundtrack available on the game.

Mini Games: Play short solo/co-op or party games based on Sony video game franchises ,or even original concepts ,for the purpose of adding variety to the gameplay. Including Move interfaced mini games and PS Vita only mini games using the consoles touch screen as an interface.

  • Bomb Blaster: Pass the bomb around by attacking other All-Stars while earning points for doing so until the 10 second timer ends and the bomb blows up hitting near by players players (this causes the player who got hit to loose certain amount of points). The team or player with the biggest number wins after 4 rounds of play through.
  • Capture the Flag: Run across custom maps and retrieve the enemy's flag while defending your own.
  • Gladiator Battle (Move Only): Basically it would be the same as in Playstation Move Sports Champions game but you would be using an All-Star as the fighter agaisnt another All-Star.
  • Project Diva Round House: Just for true fun. A mini game similar to the gameplay in the Project Diva games.Use your All-Star to defeat your oponents by dancing , or you know ... by getting a bigger high Score than the other player.
  • Greek Survival Trial: Defeat as many gladiators as you can till the timer rans out. The gameplay is similar to God of War's button-mashing fun, but on a fixed camera angle (over head) on a closed area ,in this case a greek gladiator arena.
  • Wip'Them Out Race:Complete many laps on a futuristic race track similar to the Wipe'out games , the only difference is that your driving an overcraft styled to your All-Star.
  • Zombie Land :The gameplay is similar to Dead Nation's twin-stick fun. Basically ,the players need to kill has many zombies as possible before the zombie virus itself consumes them. A metter on the screen will tell you how much infection you have, 0,0 to 100,0% ,it increases with every bite and with every second ,until you die and turn into a zombie yourself ,after that you can try to get an extra kill point by attacking the other players who haven't died yet. After everybody is dead ,the final score will determine who gets the 1st place.
  • La Bela Vita: Finish a LittleBig Planet like level against the other players, you can slow them down by fighting them if you get close in order to gain advantage to prevent that they reach the end before you do.You also have the ability of using power-ups scattered around the level, some of these use the controllers motion sensor as the interface or the touch screen to perform the specific power ups, this could either create hazards against your adversaries or give you shields, speed boosts or other powers.
  • Home Bowling (Supports the Move ,Sixaxis and Vita motion features):This could be similar to the Playstation Home bowling game. You could use the motion sensors on the Vita and on the Sixaxis controllers to steer the throwing ball.The Move controller could act has the arm that throws the ball.
  • Taming the Track: This could be a similar racing game that appears in Crash Bash were you race around in a circled race track until you reach a certain number of completed laps.
  • Droid Escape: You take control of Clank's mini droids from Ratchet and Clank to solve puzzles in order to open the door for them to get out.  Each level gives you more droids and harder challenges.
  • Minion Wars: Similar to Dark Mist. Fight your way through several dungeons, in a over shooter game, select any all-star Minion character and race your way through the levels ,fighting Minion Bosses along the way until you win.

Announcers ListEdit

Characters Origin
Buzz Buzz
Polygon Man Playstation Launch Ads
Dual & Shock Portuguese Playstation Magazine Comic Strips
Banzai Chibi-Chan Playstation The Official Magazine
Eyetoy Robot Eyetoy
Green Car Ridge Racer Ad Mascot
Kevin Buttler Reality
Maggie Playstation Underground
Move Controller Playstation Home
PSM Smiley Face Playstation The Official Magazine
Red Car Ridge Racer's 2nd Ad Mascot

New StagesEdit

Stage Series Hazard Connection
Aperture Science
  • Portal
  • Infamous

GLaDOS Wheatley Conduits 

Castle Square
  • Patapon
  • MegaMan

Castle Guards 

Willy's Master Robots

Echochromed Cube
  • Intelligent Cube
  • Echochrome



Both are fun and challenging puzzle games
Livid Plains
  • Journey
  • Õkami
Their visuals could give each other an interesting contrast to the stage
Neon City
  • FantaVision
  • Chime Super Deluxe
Ruined Temple
  • Shadow of the Collosus
Space War
  • Omega Boost
  • RayCrissis
Spaceship Missiles
Dante's Cage
  • Thrill Kill 
  • Silent Hill



Physical Torture against Psycological Torture
City Alley
  • Reality Fighter
  • Eye Toy
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Prototype
Bloody gory action with MORE bloody gory action
The Calming Plains
  • Flower
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow

The City


The prettiest scenarios with the darkest backgrounds
The Hub
  • Playstation Home
Wumpa Island
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Spyro the Dragon

Cortex's Creations

Ripto's Minions

Crash and Spyro have been cameoing in each others games for along time
In Tune
  • Vanark
  • Vib-Ribbon
Vib-Ribbon style platforms with Vanark Backgrounds (Mostly darker ones)
Long Live Play Pub
  • Long Live Play Commercial
Pub's residents

New CostumesEdit

Character Series New Costume
Big Daddy Bioshock
Cole Macgrath Infamous
  • E3 Cole
Colonel Radec Killzone
  • Commander
  • Heavy Arc Trooper
Dante Devil May Cry
Emmet Graves Starhawk
  • Regular Outlast
  • Vulture Pack
Evil Cole InFamous
  • E3 Cole
Fat Princess Fat Princess
  • Cook Princess
  • Grim Reaper
  • Warrior
Heihachi Mishima Tekken
  • Old Heihachi
Issac Clarke Dead Space
  • No Armor
  • Ser Isaac Armor
Jak and Daxter Jak & Daxter
  • Jak II
  • Lost Frontier
  • Prison
  • Barbarian Jak
  • Freedom League Jak
Kat and Dusty Gravity Rush
  • Maid Outfit
  • School Uniform
Kratos God of War
  • Cod of War
  • General Kratos
Nathan Drake Uncharted
  • Tuxedo
Nariko Heavenly Sword
  • Cartoon Nariko
  • Concept Art Nariko
PaRappa PaRappa The Rapper
  • Papa PaRappa
Raiden Metal Gear
  • MGS4 Raiden
  • MGS4 Raiden Armless
  • Mexican Raiden
Ratchet Ratchet & Clank
  • Snowman
  • Dan
  • Alister Azimuth
  • Scrubs
  • Trilion Armor
  • OldSchool
SackBoy LittleBigPlanet
  • Kevin Butler
Sir Daniel MediEvil
  • Vicotrian Clothing
Sly Cooper Sly Cooper
  • Classic Sly
  • Spy
  • Pirate
  • Ultimate Sly
  • Venice Disguise
  • Tuxedo
Spike Ape Escape
  • Classic Clothes
Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal
  • Small Brawl
  • Marcus Kane
Toro Inoue Doko Demo Issyo!
  • Baseball
  • Chick
  • Asian
  • Soccer
Zeus God of War
  • Battle Armor of Zeus
  • Poseidon Armor
  • Ares Armor

New ChallengersEdit


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Abe icon Abe Oddworld
  • Default - Messiah of the Mudokon
  • 1st- Mudarcher
  • 2nd - Mudokon Scrubs
Adam Jensen icon Adam Jensen Deus Ex
  • TBW
Adol Christin icon Adol Christin Ys
  • TBW
Agent 47 icon Agent 47 Hitman
  • Default - Red Tie & Suit
  • 1st- Tuxedo
  • 2nd- Priest
  • 3rd- Gardener
Alex Mercer icon Alex Mercer Prototype
  • Default - Prototype's Hood
  • 1st- Armored Protorype
  • 2nd- Prototype's Jacket
Alice Liddell icon Alice Liddell American McGee's Alice
  • Default - Wonderland Pinafore
  • 1st- Hattress
  • 2nd- Cheshire
  • 3rd- London Attire
  • 4th- Fleshmaiden
  • 5th- Siren Songs
  • 6th- White Rabbit
  • 7th- Misstitched Dress
  • 8th- Silk Maiden
  • 9th- Steamdress
  • 10th- Royal Suit
  • 11th- Caterpillar
  • 12th- Checkmate
Alicia Melchiott icon Alicia Melchiott Valkyria Chronicles
  • TBW
Alis Landale icon Alis Landale Phantasy Star
  • TBW
Alma Wade icon Alma Wade FEAR
Altair Icon Altair Assassin's Creed
  • Default- Assassin's Robe
  • 1st- Allied Assasins
  • 2nd- Extensive Brotherhood
Alundra icon Alundra Alundra
  • TBW
Akuji the Heartless icon Akuji Akuji the Heartless
Andy icon Andy Heart of Darkness
  • TBW
Arc Eda Ricolne icon Arc Eda Ricolne Arc the Lad
  • TBW
Ari icon Ari Okage: Shadow King
Arial Tetsuo icon Arial Tetsuo WipEout
  • Default- Driver Suit
  • 1st- Nami Mishima
Artemis icon Artemis Dark Mist
  • TBW
Asura icon Asura Asura's Wrath
  • Default - Wrath
  • 1st- The Past
  • 2nd- Vajra Asura
Atoi icon Atoi Tearaway
Avatar (Female) icon Avatar (Female) PlayStation Home
  • Default-User Outfit
  • 1st-PSASBR Themed Avatar
Avatar (Male) icon Avatar (Male) PlayStation Home
  • Default-User Outfit
  • 1st-PSASBR Themed Avatar
Aya icon Aya OnechanBara
  • Default - Cowgirl
  • 1st- VorteX Outfit
  • 2nd- Casual Wear
Aya Brea icon Aya Brea Parasite Eve
  • Default - Formal Wear
  • 1st- Overdive Suit
  • 2nd- Business Suit
  • 3rd- Casual Wear
  • 4th- Lightning Outfit


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Badman icon Badman What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? TBW
Bao Sanniang icon Bao Sanniang Dynasty Warriors TBW
Bayonetta icon Bayonetta (Cereza) Bayonetta
  • Default- Hair Suit
  • 1st- Various A
  • 2nd- Queen
  • 3rd- D-arc
  • 4th- Short Hair
Belladonna icon Belladonna Thrill Kill
  • Default- French Maid
  • 1st- Dominatrix 
  • 2nd- Furry Suit
  • 3rd- Nurse
  • 4th- Cowgirl
  • 5th- Topless
Blasto icon Blasto Blasto


Booker DeWitt icon Booker DeWitt Bioshock
Brave icon Brave Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
Bubsy icon Bubsy the Bobcat Bubsy


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Caim icon Caim Drakengard
  • TBA
Captain Rock icon Captain Rock Motor Toon Grand Prix
  • TBA
Catherine icon Catherine Catherine
Chell icon Chell Portal
  • Default - Tester
Claire Redfield icon Claire Redfield Resident Evil
  • Default - RECV Outifit
  • 1st- RE2 Outfit
  • 2nd- Motor Cycle Suit
Clank icon Clank Ratchet & Clank
  • Default - Metal Skin
  • 1st- Secret Agent
  • 2nd- Blender
  • 3rd- Zoni
Clementine icon Clementine The Walking Dead (Series)
  • Default - Season 2 Clementine clothes
  • 1st- Season 1 Clementine clothes
Cloud Strife icon Cloud Strife Final Fantasy
  • Default - Classic
  • 1st- Crissis Core Outfit
  • 2nd- Advent Children Outfit
  • 3rd- Kingdom Hearts Outfit
Commander Shepard (Femshep) icon Commander Shepard (Femshep) Mass Effect
  • Default - N7 Armor
  • 1st- Blood Dragon Armor
  • 2nd- Cerberus Armor
  • 3rd- Heavy Collosus Armor
  • 4th- Terminus Assault Armor
  • 5th- Reckoner Knight Armor
  • 6th- CAT6 Heavy Armor
Commander Shepard (Maleshep) icon Commander Shepard (MaleShep) Mass Effect
  • Default - N7 Armor
  • 1st- Blood Dragon Armor
  • 2nd- Cerberus Armor
  • 3rd- Heavy Collosus Armor
  • 4th- Terminus Assault Armor
  • 5th- Reckoner Knight Armor
  • 6th- CAT6 Heavy Armor
Crash Bandicoot icon Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot
  • Default - Classic
  • 1st- Sacuba Gear
  • 2nd- Rapping Crash
  • 3rd- Biker Crash
Croc icon Croc Croc
  • Default - Advenure Croc
  • 1st- King's Robes
  • 2nd- Baron's Armor
Crypto icon Crypto Destroy All Humans!
  • TBA


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Dante Alighieri icon Dante Alighieri Dante's Inferno To Be yet Written
Dart Feld icon Dart Feld The Legend of Dragoon TBW
Dawn icon Dawn Contrast TBW
Death icon Death Darksiders TBW
Death Jr icon Death Jr. Death Jr.
Diggs icon Diggs Diggs Nightcrawler
Dokuro icon Dokuro Dokuro TBA
DrMuto icon Dr. Muto Dr. Muto
Duke Nukem icon Duke Nukem Duke Nukem


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Echochrome Figure icon Echochrome Figure Echochrome To Be yet Written
Eiji Shinjo icon Eiji Shinjo Battle Arena Toshinden TBW
Eliot icon Eliot Intelligent Cube
Ellen icon Ellen Folklore TBW
Ethan Mars icon Ethan Mars Heavy Rain
110px ERC-003 Tokyo Jungle
110px ERC-2000 Tokyo Jungle
110px ERC-X Tokyo Jungle
Etna icon Etna Disgaea
EyePet icon Eyepet Eyepet
Ezio Auditore Assasin's Creed


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Faith icon Faith Mirror's Edge To Be yet Written
Fei Fong Wong icon Fei Fong Wong Xenogears TBW
Felyne Comrade icon Felyne Comrade Monster Hunter TBW
Finn icon Finn Sorcery
Fiona Belli icon Fiona Belli Haunting Ground
Firiona Vie icon Firiona Vie Champions of Norrath
Flint icon Flint Alundra
Freyja icon Freyja AeternoBlade
  • Default- War Armor
  • 1st- Bikini
  • 2nd- Agent
  • 3rd- Ninja
  • 4th- Time Guardian
  • 5th- Assasin
  • 6th- Virni
[[File:|110px]] Fubuki Kantai Collection


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Gabriel Belmont icon Gabriel Belmont Castlevania Lords of Shadows To Be yet Written
Gabriel Logan icon Gabriel Logan "Gabe" Syphon Filter TBW
Galahad icon Galahad The Order: 1886
  • Red Knight
  • Black Knight
Gex icon Gex Gex TBW
Gene icon Gene God Hand
Giana icon Giana Giana Sisters
Glitch icon Glitch Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Glover icon Glover Glover
Goh icon Goh "The Crow" Shinobido


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Hana Tsu-Vachel icon Hana Tsu-Vachel Fear Effect To Be yet Written
Harry Mason icon Harry Mason Silent Hill TBW
Hatsune Miku icon Hatsune Miku Project DIVA TBW
Hawke (Female) icon Hawke (Female) Dragon Age
Hawke (Male) icon Hawke (Male) Dragon Age
110px Heart Aino Arcana Heart
Hiro icon Hiro Bust a Groove
Hotsuma icon Hotsuma Shinobi
Hugo icon Hugo Hugo
Human Archer icon Human Archer Under Siege


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Ico icon Ico Ico To Be yet Written
Ihardurca icon Ihadurca Evil Zone
Iota icon Iota Tearaway


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Jade icon Jade Beyond Good and Evil TBW
Jake icon Jake Dog's Life
Jarvis icon Jarvis Pain TBW
Jaster icon Jaster Rogue Galaxy
Jeanne D'arc icon Jeanne D'Arc Jeanne D'Arc To Be yet Written
Jennifer Tate icon Jen Tate Primal
Jersey Devil icon Jersey Devil Jersey Devil
Jimmy icon Jimmy Ape Escape
Jin Kazama icon Jin Kazama Tekken
Jodie Holmes icon Jodie Holmes Beyond:Two Souls
Joel & Ellie icon Joel and Ellie The Last of Us
John Marston icon John Marston Red Dead
Juan Aguacate icon Juan Aguacate Guacamelee!
Juliet Starling icon Juliet Starling Lollipop Chainsaw


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Kahuna SOCOM To Be yet Written
Karin icon Karin Kung Fu Rider TBW
Kate Walker Syberia
Kay icon Kay Legend of Kay TBW
Kazuma icon Kazuma Yakuza
Kei icon Kei Ape Escape
Kid icon Kid Chrono Cross
Kisuke icon Kisuke Muramasa TBA
Klaymen icon Klaymen The Neverhood
Klonoa icon Klonoa Klonoa
Knack icon Knack Knack
Knight & Baby icon Knight & Baby Guardian's Crusade
Kos-Mos icon Kos-Mos XenoSaga
Kulche2 icon Kulche LocoRoco
Kutaro icon Kutaro Puppeter
Kya icon Kya Kya:Dark Lineage
Kyoya Suda icon Kyoya Suda SIREN


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Lammy icon Lammy PaRappa the Rapper
Lara Croft icon Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Default - 2012 Costume

1st- Diving Suit

2nd- Tokyo Dress

Lazarus Jones icon Lazarus Jones Ghosthunter TBW
Lee Everett icon Lee Everett The Walking Dead TBW
Lenneth icon Lenneth Valkyrie Profile
Leon S. Kennedy icon Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil

Default - RE6 Costume

1st- RE4 Outfit

2nd- Pirate Costume

3rd- Hunk

4th- Live Action Outfit

Leonard icon Leonard White Knight Chronicles
110px Levant Jade Cocoon
Lieutenant Lester icon Lieutenant Lester Omega Boost
Lieutenant Riley icon Lieutenant Riley C-12: Final Resistance
Lightning icon Lightning Final Fantasy

Default - Classic

1st- Cloud Strife Outfit

2nd- FFXIII-2

3rd- Aya Brea

4th- N7 Armor

Lil & Laarg icon Lil & Larg Escape Plan
Linda icon Linda Stretch Panic
Lu Bu icon Lu Bu Dynasty Warriors


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Magusar icon Magusar Soul Sacrifice
Mai Hasegawa icon Mai Hasegawa "Konoko" Oni
  • Default- TCTF Armor
  • 1st- Christmas Outfit
  • 2nd- Street Clothes
  • 3rd- Damaged Armor
Marco Rossi icon Marco Rossi Metal Slug TBW
Maria icon Maria Giana Sisters TBW
Mark Hammond Icon Mark Hammond The Getaway TBW
Masamune Date icon Masamune Date Sengoku Basara To Be yet Written
Michael, Trevor, and Franklin Grand Theft Auto
  • Episodes from Liberty City
  • Classic Criminals
Michael Beckett F.E.A.R
Miku Hinasaki Fatal Frame
Minamoto Yoshitsune Genji TBW
Mint Threads of Fate
Mega Man Volnutt Mega Man Legends
Monica Dark Chronicle
Monkey Hero Monkey Hero
Monkey Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Monroe The Unfinished Swan
Mr. Domino No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!
Musashi Musashi: Samurai Legend


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Nathan Hale Resistance To Be yet Written
Neptune (Purple Heart) Hyperdimension Neptunia TBW
Nevin Alter Echo TBW
Nier Nier TBW
Nikki Pandemonium! TBW
Nilin Cartier-Wells Remember Me TBW
Noire (Black Heart) HyperDimension Neptunia
Nowe Drakengard TBW


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Omi Xiaolin Showdown TBW
Ocelotl Invizimals TBW
Octodad Octodad TBW
Onaga Mortal Kombat TBW
Octavio Sly Cooper TBW
Olcadan Soul Calibur TBW
Ogre Tekken TBW


Icon Characters Series Costumes

Pipo Monkey

Ape Escape
Polygon Man Playstation To Be yet Written
Pomeranian Tokyo Jungle
Prince of All Cosmos Katamari Damacy TBW
Prince Edmund Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest TBW
The Prince Prince of Persia
Pyramid Head Silent Hill


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Quico Papo & Yo To Be yet Written
Q Best Player TBW
Qwark Ratchet and Clank TBW


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Ragna The Bloodedge BlazBlue To Be yet Written
Rain Fear Effect To Be yet Written
Rau Utu The Mark of Kri
Rayne BloodRayne
Rayman Rayman
Raz Psychonauts TBW
Raziel Soul Reaver
Redmond and Spanx Whiplash
Red (SaGa Frontier) / Alkaiser SaGa Frontier
Rei Kurosawa Fatal Frame
Richard Miller Time Crisis
Rick Taylor Splatterhouse
Rikimaru Tenchu
Robbit Jumping Flash
Rochard Rochard
Rohn Lair
Rubi Malone WET
Rudy Roughnigh Wild Arms
Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden
Ryu Breath of Fire III


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Sachiko Shinozaki Corpse Party
Samanosuke Akechi Onimusha To Be yet Written
Scarlett Blake Dead Nation TBW
Serge Chrono Cross
Sergeant Cortez TimeSplitters TBW
Simon Riley "Ghost" Call Of Duty
Shao Jun Assasin's Creed
Sol Badguy Guilty Gear
Solid Snake Metal Gear
  • Default - Solid Snake

  • 1st- Old Snake
  • 2nd- Sneaking Suit
  • 3rd- Tuxedo Suit
  • 4th- Naked Snake
  • 5th- Snake
Sora Kingdom Hearts
Sorcerer Soul Sacrifice
Sorceress Soul Sacrifice
Specter Ape Escape
Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon
Starkiller Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Training Gear
  • Sith Stalker
Steve Minecraft
Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat
Suezo Monster Rancher


Icon Characters Series Costumes
T’ai Fu T’ai Fu Wrath of the Tiger To Be yet Written
Tag ModNation Racers TBW
Tak Tak and the Power of Juju TBW
Tati Rise of Kasai TBW
Toan Dark Cloud TBA
Tomba Tomba!
The Blob Sounds Shapes
The Fighter Reality Fighter
The Last Dragonborn (Nord Female) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Last Dragonborn (Nord Male) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Patapon Hero Patapon 2
The Traveler Journey
The Wind icon The Wind Flower
Thor Young Thor TBW
TigerShark Invisimals
Tir McDohl Suikoden
Tiny Tank Tiny Tank
Toan Dark Cloud TBW
Toby icon Toby Kung Fu Rider
Tomas Sevchenko "Sev" KillZone
Tommy Vercetti Grand Theft Auto
Tyrus Flare Golden Axe
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Ty the Tasmanian Tiger


Icon Characters Series Costumes
U-1 Gitaroo Man
Ultra-V War of the Monsters To Be yet Written


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Vahn Legend of Legaia TBW
Valeria/ Erica Malicious TBW
Vergil Devil May Cry

Classic Vergil

Reboot Vergil

Nelo Angelo

Vexx Vexx
Vibri Vib-Ribbon To Be yet Written
Vincent Brooks Catherine
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Wakle Skade Gungage
Wander Shadow of the Colossus To Be yet Written
War DarkSiders To Be yet Written


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Xia Covault Kinetica To Be yet Written


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Yu Narukami Megami Tensei To Be yet Written
Yuki Grandia II TBW
Yoshitsune Minamoto Genji TBW


Icon Characters Series Costumes
Zero (Drakengard 3) Drakengard
  • Furiae
  • Manah
  • Eris
  • Kaine
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

Returning and new featuresEdit

All-Stars II contains all of the original icons, intros, outros, taunts, themes, costumes, minions, backgrounds, and titles that were featured in the original, as well as brand new ones. They're once again unlockable, but if the player has save data of the original All-Stars, everything that that player had unlocked in the previous game will be automatically unlocked for All-Stars II.

A theatre mode is available, where every cutscene from Arcade Mode and Story Mode can be viewed, with the former cutscenes allowing you to choose the color and costume of the character, as well as even their rival. It also enables replays to be played.

Aside from their standart colors, characters now have access to player-customized custom colors. You can change the colors of any costume and nearly every part, even including the skin color. Extra colors and patterns can be unlocked the further you progress. You also have the added bonus of changing the colors of your minion.

Additional music and stage music can be selected in the options menu. They can be set in a similar fashion to the music in Smash Bros Brawl.

Much like the trophies in Smash Bros Brawl, Figurines can be unlocked of characters, items, vehicles, ect from every series. Each has their own description and their model can be viewed and rotated.

At any time during offline gameplay, you can take a photo. Much like Brawl's, you can rotate the camera, zoom in, and focus on a particular character.

The main menu can be personalized, allowing you to choose between random and selected character backgrounds and themes or customize your own.

There will be an actual storyline within the game.

Actual Boss battles, fighting bosses from other franchises. Like The Collusi from Shadow of the Colossus, Leviathan from Resistance, etc.

Health bars will be included, like that nobody would have to keep using Super Moves to get instant kills.

Super Moves vs Super Moves, anybody could use their supermoves even if other supermoves are active. i.e Kratos's "GOD OF WAR" vs DANTE'S "Devil Trigger" or SweetTooth's "JoyRide" vs Emett Graves's "Hawk"


Improvements from first gameEdit

  • The main menu is now modeled after a PlayStation Vita interface, featuring interactive "bubbles" for the different modes in the game.
  • Character menu backgrounds are now much more dynamic, featuring 3D models that move and blink, explaining each of the game modes when the cursor hovers over them.
    • Players are also able to pre-select the character that appears in the main menu, allowing them to always have their favorite character theme.
  • Characters in the character selection screen are now represented by 3D models that will strike a pose once selected.
    • In addition, each character's alternate colors can be seen in the selection screen.
    • Some characters that can switch to other characters or are able to switch into different forms, like Toro Inoue, can be selected in the character selection screen before a battle, as well as any alternate costumes that their alternate forms or tag-out partners may possess.
  • The character customization now enables you to view the intros and outros in real-time, as well as allows you to pick your losing outro.
  • When selecting an alternate color for a character, their picture will change color to show how they look in-game.
  • Each character now has two Supers of each type, which can be selected before the match.
  • Arcade Mode begins and ends with a fully-animated cutscene utilizing the in-game models and engine.
  • Each character has two rival battles, one after three battles, and the other before Polygon Man. Both have an intro, as well as unique cutscenes of your victory or defeat.
  • There are no slideshows, there are actual cinematic cutscenes.

Minor differences to charactersEdit


  • Kratos' speed is much slower, much like he is in his games.
  • Kratos' fourth color still has the black clothes and silver Golden Fleece from before, but now without Kratos' ashes.

Fat PrincessEdit

  • All of Fat Princess' costumes have at least one color based on Princess Muffintop.

Nathan DrakeEdit

  • Drake has two new colors: one for Casual Adventurer based on his original appearance with a white baseball shirt with red sleeves, and one for Shambhala Snow Jacket colored similarly to Desmond Miles from Assassins Creed.

Heihachi MishimaEdit

  • Heihachi has a new color for Mishima Coat based on said coat in Tekken 4 and 5, which turns his hair gray.


  • Dante's hair is now white to reflect his appearance at the end of DmC.


  • Sackboy using Costume Clash while wearing the Sackgirl costume has her changing into female characters (Fat Princess, Nariko, Kat).


  • Nariko has a new color for Athena Nariko in which her robes are teal, resembling Kai's.


  • Zeus's third color for Olympic Armor now has blue outlines on the armor instead of gold.

Colonel RadecEdit

  • Radec will have brand new Super moves, his previous super moves will be given to the main protagonist of Killzone instead.


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PS-All Stars 2 Coming To The PS4?

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