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Claptrap is a robot from the Borderlands franchise. He should appear as an upcoming DLC playable in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. His in-game rival should be a Viking from When Vikings Attack!.



The last of the Claptrap units, this little robot assisted the original 4 Vaut Hunters on Pandora, then became a Vault Hunter on Elpis, then became a regular Claptrap again. Somehow he's managed to get his Vault Hunting programming back.


  • Borderlands
  • Borderlands 2
  • Poker Night 2
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!





Name: Viking

Reason: TBA...

Connection: Both When Vikings Attack and Borderlands seem to have characters to team up to destroy evil..




Claptrap has one wheel. Making him super fast and super tricky


  • Btn square: Robo-Punch: Claptrap punches forward multiple times.
  • + >: Slip-Up: Claptrap trips, damaging enemies in the process.
  • + ^: Swipe: Claptrap slaps the air above him.
  • + \/: Butt-Slam: Claptrap jumps into the air and slams down into the ground.
  • Btn triangle: Boomtrap: Claptrap fires a few rounds from a Torgue pistol.
  • + >: Bangstick Boogie: Claptrap fires a Torgue shotgun forwards.
  • + ^: Disposable Firearms: Claptrap throws a Tediore shotgun into the air.
  • + \/: Home 'Nade Cookin': Claptrap throws a grenade forwards.
  • Btn circle: Second Wind (by Tediore): Claptrap throws a Mini-Trap that tracks down and explodes in front of the nearest enemy.
  • + >: Shock and AAAUUUUGH!: Claptrap throws an area-of-effect shock grenade.
  • + ^: Sky Rocket: Claptrap throws a fireworks grenade.
  • + \/: Nova say Die: Claptrap pretends to cower, but when an enemy hits him, an explosive nova knocks them away.
  • Grab: Goodbye, Travelers!: Claptrap punches his enemy in the stomach before smacking them away.
  • Upward Grab: Scatter Smack: Claptrap shoots his opponent upwards with a Jakobs shotgun.
  • Downward Grab: Elpis Greeting: Claptrap trips up his opponent and but slams their back.


  • Level 1 Super: Rocket in Flight: Claptrap throws a Tediore rocket launcher forward.
  • Level 2 Super: Torgue Fiesta: Claptrap starts firing grenades everywhere which kill enemies. Claptrap can move during this attack.
  • Level 3 Super: Pirate Ship Mode: Claptrap dons a pirate hat and ship. Claptrap can move around and fire his cannons, each projectile earning a kill.

Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • Hello, Travelers!: Claptrap mock bows while exclaiming "Hello, losers!"
  • Funktrap: Claptrap does a little dance while singing dubstep to himself.
  • High Fives Guys!: Claptrap raises his hand for a high-five, but puts it down sadly after a moment.


Character Selection:Edit

  • Hello, Travelers!
  • Let's do it, minion!
  • I'll get it right! I promise!

Pre-Match: Edit

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • Right on the Scene: Claptrap fast-travels in before falling on his face.
  • Check it Out: Claptrap wheels in and proclaims "Hey, everybody! Check out my package!" while sticking out his disc drive.
  • Boogie-Bot: Claptrap dances while singing dubstep to himself.
  • Vault Hunting is Fun: Claptrap is seen wielding massive guns and proclaims that everyone's going down.

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Yay! I Did It!: Claptrap jumps up in the air in celebration.
  • Badass-Trap: Claptrap strikes a mock-sexy pose.
  • Celebratory Fire: Claptrap is seen firing massive guns into the air.
  • Dubstep-Trap: Claptrap does a celebratory dance.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If Yay! I Did It! is selected: Claptrap slumps over sadly.
  • If Badass-Trap is selected: Claptrap looks around alarmingly.
  • If Celebratory Fire is selected: Claptrap has a grenade blow up in his face, knocking him down.
  • If Dubstep-Trap is selected: Claptrap is seen lying motionless, his eye black.

Costumes Edit


  • Colour 1: Yellow with white stripe.
  • Colour 2: Blue with white stripe.
  • Colour 3: Green with red stripe.
  • Colour 4: Brown with gold stripe.


  • Colour 1: Grey with red words.
  • Colour 2: Gold with blue words.
  • Colour 3: Bronze with red words.
  • Colour 4: Black with grey words.


  • His voice suggestion for All-Stars is the same as his rival (Viking), Billy West.

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