Cloudy Wolf
Cloud Alt UT
Vital statistics
Title Cloudy Wolf
Series of Origin Final Fantasy
Based on Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Cloudy Wolf is an unlockable costume for Cloud Strife. It is unlocked when reaching Rank 10 with Cloud Strife.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Gray skin: gray color swap.
  • Red skin: red color swap.
  • Green skin: dark-green color skin.


Cloudy Wolf is Cloud's outfit from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He wears a sleeveless zipped-down turtleneck sweater with black cloth covering his left arm and leg, and his boots and pauldron are different with the Fenrir emblem on his pauldron. His hair has more spikes, albeit shorter ones, and he wields the main blade of his Fusion Swords, the First Tsurugi.

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