Comic Book All-Stars is a fan game made by Numbuh 424 that uses a similar engine to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and Anime All-Stars.


Playable CharactersEdit

There is a total of 20 characters on the On-Disc roster.

Character Series Rival Ultimate Technique Voice Actor
Batman Batman Spider-Man Batmobile Kevin Conroy
Captain America Captain America Superman Old School Justice Brian Bloom
Flash Flash Static Speed Force Michael Rosenbaum
Green Lantern Green Lantern Nova Triumph of Will Christopher Meloni
Hawkeye Avengers Martian Manhunter Bullseye Chris Cox
Hellboy Hellboy Spawn TBA Ron Pearlman
Hulk Hulk Savage Dragon Gamma Bomb Fred Tatasciore
Invincible Invincible Iron Man TBA Patrick Cavanaugh
Iron Man Iron Man Invincible Hall of Armor Eric Loomis
Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wolverine Turtle Power Jason Biggs
Martian Manhunter Justice League Hawkeye Mental Breakdown Carl Lumby
Nova New Warriors Green Lantern Nova Force Troy Baker
Savage Dragon Savage Dragon Hulk TBA Jim Cummings
Spawn Spawn Hellboy TBA Keith David
Spider-Man Spider-Man Batman Front Page Story Josh Keaton
Static Static Shock Flash Shock to Your System Phil LeMarr
Superman Superman Captain America Megaton Punch Tim Daly
Thor Thor Wonder Woman Strength of Asgard Rick D. Wasserman
Wolverine X-Men Leonardo Adamantium Rage Steve Blum
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Thor Flight of the Amazons Susan Eisenberg

DLC CharactersEdit

There is a total of 12 DLC Characters that can be downloaded.

Character Series Rival Ultimate Technique Voice Actor
Agent J Men in Black Punisher Mind Wipe Keith Diamond
Archie Andrews Archie Tintin Welcome to Riverdale Andrew Rannells
Asterix The Adventures of Asterix Miyamoto Usagi TBA Paul Giamatti
Black Canary Birds of Prey Black Widow Sonic Scream Morena Baccarin
Black Lightning Outsiders Luke Cage High Voltage Blair Underwood
Black Widow Secret Avengers Black Canary Widow's Sting Vanessa Marshall
Kick-Ass Kick-Ass Scott Pilgram Rocket Launcher Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Luke Cage Heroes For Hire Black Lightning Beat Down Christopher B. Duncan
Miyamoto Usagi Usagi Yojimbo Asterix Way of the Samurai Jason Griffith
Punisher Punisher Agent J Dirty Laundry Thomas Jane
Tintin Adventures of Tintin Archie Andrews TBA Jamie Bell
Scott Pilgram Scott Pilgram Kick-Ass Level Up Michael Cera


There will be 20 stages, there will be DLC stages too.


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