Create-An-All-Star would be an additional mode for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that would be added as DLC. The mode would also return in its sequel, PlayStation All-Stars Combat Arena.

Mode DescriptionEdit

In this mode, players are able to create their own All-Stars with a creation feature. The two variations differ between Battle Royale and Combat Arena, but the same basic design remains in both versions. In the Customize option in the game's main menu, players will go to the Character menu. It will open two sub-menus: Normal All-Stars and Custom All-Stars. In this mode, players will give their personal All-Star a custom costume, intros, outros, taunts, victory music, and Minion.

Difference between VersionsEdit

Battle RoyaleEdit

  • Character Creation is not on the game itself. Instead, players will be taken to a special mode in PlayStation Home that will allow them to create a custom avatar.
  • Players can also load their characters from the LittleBigPlanet series.
  • Every animation, taunt, and moveset will be based off of existing characters already in the game, much in the style of Soul Calibur V.
  • Movesets and Supers are not equivocal. One could have their character use Raiden's fighting style, but with Zeus' Supers.
  • There is a limit of ten custom characters.
  • Players have a choice of species, but are limited to characters already in the game.
  • The different species are: Human. Lombax (Ratchet), Raccoon(Sly Cooper), Special Human (Jak), Cat (Toro), Sackfolk (Sackboy), Dog (PaRappa), and Undead (Sir Dan).

Combat ArenaEdit

  • Character Creation is now included in the game.
  • Special Creation-only movesets are now available.
  • Custom-exclusive animations and taunts are also available.
  • Supers are now bonded to the moveset chosen. However, custom movesets will allow different Supers.
  • Players can now make up to 20 characters.
  • New species have been added, including some that aren't playable characters, like a cow or Ottsel (Daxter) or even Patapon! (Patapon.)

Basic Set-UpEdit

In Battle Royale, the players will be taken to PlayStation Home. Here, they will be given all of the creation options of Home, including choice of gender, but with extra costumes and skin types or body types from the playable characters in Battle Royale. They will be able to customize the skin tone, voice pitch (from a selection of voices), and other features similar to Soul Calibur V. Once the character is created, they will be saved in a special folder in PlayStation Home, where they may be named. Once the character is saved in Home, the player will be able to return to Battle Royale where they can load the created character. From this point, players will select an All-Star's fighting style, which will contain the basic moveset (Square, Triangle, Circle moves). They will also be allowed to select any three Supers, as well as any intro/outros they wish. You can also customize the background on the character portrait.

Example CharactersEdit

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