Asylum of the Daleks
Dalek Asylum
Dalek Asylum
Primary Representation Doctor Who
Secondary Representation Loaded
The Dalek Asylum is a location in the Doctor Who episode Asylum of the Daleks and is on of HighLifeCola's DLC stages for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. It is a mashup of Doctor Who and Loaded.


The stage starts off at the far end of the asylum where a large group of Daleks can be seen in the background sleeping and undisturbed. On the far left of the stage, there is a small metal pole the jingles whenever someone steps on it. When this happens, a Dalek will wake up and fire at the stage yelling Exterminate!" The blast will hurt the players, causing AP loss. Halfway through the match, the far doors at the end will open and Fwank and Cap'n Hands will enter the room. As this happens, the Daleks will wake up and a raging battle starts against Fwank, Cap'n Hands and the Daleks. Occasionally, Fwank will fire Neutron spheres at on the stage and Cap'n Hands will fire his flintlocks. Both these attacks can hurt the players and cause AP loss. Near the end of the stage, the Daleks will eventually defeat Fwank and Cap'n Hands and will cause them to surrender as they surround them.

Characters Appearing In-StageEdit


The first phase of the stage will use the Dalek theme from Doctor Who.

Doctor Who - The Dalek Theme02:42

Doctor Who - The Dalek Theme

The second phase will use the Loaded theme of R.S.P.V by Pop Will Eat Itself.

Loaded - Main Menu Theme06:11

Loaded - Main Menu Theme


  • This is the first of HigLifeCola's stage that uses a song with vocals.
Stage Ideas
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