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Dark Warrior

Vital statistics
Title Dark Warrior
Series of Origin Jak and Daxter
Based on Original Costume

Dark Warrior is a pre-order costume for Erol. It can also be purchased alone or in a pack.


  • Default: Black and purple armor, gray skin, light gray hair, and black eyes
  • Black and red armor, gray skin, light gray hair, and black eyes
  • Black and yellow armor, gray skin, light gray hair, and black eyes
  • Blue and white armor, blue and white skin and hair, and white eyes


A brand new look for Erol created for PlayStation All-Stars II. Erol is outfitted with armor, a mechanical arm, and legs created by the Dark Makers. Along with that, Erol has now had his body further subjected to Dark Eco, making him become similar in appearance to Dark Jak with pale skin and hair, black eyes, and even horns on his head.


  • Dark Warrior is the second costume that originated from All-Stars, the first being Zeus' Olympic Armor.
  • The name is a reference to the Dark Warrior Program, of which Jak was subjected to by Baron Praxis.
  • His fourth color for Dark Warrior is ironically based off of Light Jak.

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