Dean Winchester
Dean-Winchester--dean-winchester-69981 963 1450
Voiced By Jensen Ackles
Franchise Supernatural
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars
Debut Supernatural
Rival Nemesis

Dean Winchester is main badass of the popular TV show Supernatural and is a playable character in Playstation Allstars Fanfiction Royale. His rival is Nemesis from the Resident Evil series. Dean is notorious for the reference based hilarity that he provides throughout his cutscenes and gameplay.



Watching his mother burn alive was the worst thing for him. His father taught him they ways of hunters, teaching him how to kill these creatures. He and his brother are now on the run through an Impala, looking for creatures to kill and people... to save.


  • Supernatural
  • Supernatural: the Animation



  • Sam: "So, guess what I just found"
  • Dean: "Yea Sammy?"
  • Sam: "Apparently, some guy on the net has posted under his alias "Polygon Man" a tournament entry"
  • Dean: "What kind of tournament?"
  • Sam: "Creatures of some sort. There are pictures of people who are... abnormal, some of them show a guy who can shoot lightning, a dog that knows karate and rap music, a metal behometh followed by a little girl, and a guy who claims to be half-demon..."
  • Dean: "Half-human?"
  • Sam: "Half-angel"
  • Dean: "Oh now that's disgusting, very sinful there. Now I'm goin to knock some sense into that kid... and his parents"
  • Sam: "Are we going?"
  • Dean: "It's a job aint it?"


Name: Nemesis.


Connection: Dean hunts monsters (mostly Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Ghosts, Witches, and Zombies) and Nemesis is a monster.




  • "Com' on then.."
  • He brings out a lap top and exclaims "It's anime by the way."
  • Drinks from a bottle of whiskey: "You're goin down!"

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • Robot chick- Dean exclaims "what is this, robot chicken?"
  • Songs that are Super and not Natural- Dean quotes "You can either Carry On or Sail Away.."

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Packin' the Gun- Dean packs The Colt in towards his holster.
  • Always On Top- Dean is sitting on top of his Impala remeniscent of this

Loosing ScreenEdit

  • Packin' the Gun- Dean tosses The Colt away.
  • Always On Top- Dean turns on the Impala's motor, getting ready to leave.



Dean's default.

The X-FilesEdit

Dean wears his FBI suit.

Clint Of The East WoodEdit

Dean wears his cowboy outfit from the Supernatural episode Frontierland.



The Seraph Castiel (based on the biblical Cassiel) is Dean's minion.


  • Dean's introduction Songs that are Super And Not Natural references both the songs "Carry On My Wayward Son" and "Come Sail Away".
    • Coincidently, Carry On My Wayward Son is played in the background during his Ending.

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