Voiced By N/A
Franchise Metal Slug
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale
Debut Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001

Di-Cokka is antagonistic Heavy Tank found in ever Metal Slug series, they appeared in Playstation Allstar as Stage Hazard.


Those tank were produce by Rebel Army for tank support, Di-Cokka was developed by using stolen designs from Sand Simon and modifying it to make it more compact and reduce the production cost. It's has only a 55mm smoothboore cannon of capable of rapid fire, this tank were mass produced by Rebel Army due it's cheap cost and most seen in Rebel Battlefield.



Those tank were most seen in battlefield, this has default 55mm smoothboore cannon and has medium armor.

Light VersionEdit

Those tank are same as Default except more faster but has a low armor and low cannon damage.

TUSK VersionEdit

This tank has backup with armor protection witch make has high armor and cannon that can deal double damage to opponent/player but it's can single fire rather than rapid fire, also the rear it's weak point and has low speed witch it's make opponent/player easy to flank from back.

Trivia Edit

  • Di-Cokka is the only vehicle who appeared in Playstation Allstar Battle Royale as Stage Hazards, the other being Rebel Girida-O and Oorai's tank.

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