Dive to the Heart
Primary Representation Kingdom Hearts
Secondary Representation Devil May Cry

Dive to the Heart is a stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II based on Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry.


The stage starts off in pure darkness, then a flock of white birds appear in the center and fly off, revealing one of Dive to the Heart's many stained glass pillars, which the characters will battle on. Any characters that jump into or are knocked into the seemingly open area will be immedietly stopped by a wall that appears briefly, then disappears again, which keeps all of the combatants in the battle.

Halfway into the battle, text begins emerging in the background and then the entire stage shifts. The stained glass begins to glow with a neon-like outline, a giant four-armed statue of a woman appears in the background, and the background itself goes from pure black to having digital audio waves that move to the beat of the music. Throughout the rest of the battle, the colors shift from red and orange to blue and neon green, and back, and more and more text appears, some of which is character-specific.


Through the first half of the battle, a remix of Dive Into The Heart plays. In the other half, a remix of Devil's Dalliance plays.

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