Dragon Tattoo
Shirtless Kiryu Kazuma
Vital statistics
Title Dragon Tattoo
Series of Origin Yakuza
Based on Yakuza

Dragon Tattoo is an unlockable costume for Kiryu Kazuma. It is unlocked after reaching Rank 10.


  • Default: Gray pants and brown belt
  • White pants and gray belt
  • Green pants and black belt
  • Red pants and white belt


This is Kiryu barefoot and without wearing a coat or shirt, revealing the tattoo on his back.


  • This is the third unlockable costume in which the character is without a shirt, the first two being Heihachi's Mishima Fundoshi and Shirtless Dante.
    • This is also the second unlockable costume with pants and without a shirt, the first being Shirtless Dante.
      • And coincidential still, both reveal their respected characters' tattoos.

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