Voiced By Dave Bautista
Franchise Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Royale
Debut None (Came from Guardians Of The Galaxy comics from Marvel)
Drax is a character from Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. Drax recently appeared in the new Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. He is a part of the new Guardians Of The Galaxy.


In the comics, Drax is a human named Arthur Douglas. He is killed by Thanos, the intergalactic warlord. After his death, Kronos the Eternal created a new body and inserted Arthur's mind inside the body to counter Thanos. Right now, he's part of the new Guardians Of The Galaxy with the leader Star-Lord. Although his true allegiance is only to kill Thanos.

In the movie, Drax is an alien whose wife and daughter had been killed by Ronan The Accuser of the Kree Empire. After the incident, Drax goes on a rampage through the Galaxy in search of Ronan. But then, he is captured by the Nova Corps and imprisoned in Kyln. However, after Star-Lord goes in with Gamora, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, Drax along with the others escaped the prison. And they finally became officially as the Guardians Of The Galaxy after defeating Ronan with the Orb.

Connection With PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction RoyaleEdit

  • Drax is a minion for Star-Lord that is unlocked at Rank 24.
  • Drax also appeared in Star-Lord's opening in the arcade as one of the Guardians in Knowhere.
  • Drax also appeared in one of Star-Lord's move named after Drax himself. In the move, Drax is summoned by Star-Lord to stab any enemies in front of him with his dual knives.
  • Drax appeared in Star-Lord's ending along with the other Guardians fighting the Kree invasion on Knowhere. Drax also speaks to Star-Lord, warning that they need help.


  • Modern drax

    Modern Drax

    If Star-Lord uses his Modern Costume, Drax will also switch to the Modern Costume if he is used as a minion. In the ending, he will also wear the Modern Costume. This also applies if Star-Lord is using the Guardians Of The Galaxy Costume. Drax's knives will also change. In the Guardians Of The Galaxy costume, his knives are slightly more curved and more having a redish accent with a bit dirty additions, while in the Modern Costume, the knives looked like a pair of combat knife-kitchen knife like hybrid and totally clean.
  • He is part of the Downpour Galaxy DLC Pack, he also appeared in the DLC pack's cover.

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