Academy Island
Duel Academy
Gx27 010
Primary Representation Yu-Gi-Oh!
Secondary Representation Kingdom Hearts
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Roale

Duel Academy is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Kingdom Hearts.


The stage starts where you fight in front of the main building of Duel Academy. You fight on the ground in front of the building as students watch on. Suddenly the sky will begin to go dark, which is unusual for that world, and a fleet of Dusk Nobodies will appear and attack the school, scaring the students inside. Then the massive Twilight Thorn nobody will arrive and latch onto the top of the Academy. He will fire lasers at the center of the stage, swipe at the players, and shoot beams that bind the players hands and feet momentarily. Then the Crystal Beasts arrive to fend off the Dusks while the equally Massive Rainbow Dragon flies up from behind Twilight Thorn and blasts him off of the building with a glorious beam, causing Twilight Thorn to fade away. The sky clears and the Crystal Beasts and Rainbow Dragon return to their spirit forms and go back into the Academy. The Students from earlier come back outside to watch the match until the cycle repeats again.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

Stage Ideas
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