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Voiced By Liam O'Brien
Franchise Spider-Man
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Electro is a major villain from the Spider-Man series. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #9 and has been a recurring villain ever since. He made multiple appearances in various Spider-Man related media.


While Maxwell Dillon, an electrical engineer and lineman, was repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor. His powers were initially weak, so he spent some time stealing electrical equipment from Stark Industries to charge himself. Soon taking the name Electro, he turned to a life of a professional criminal, his first victim being J. Jonah Jameson. Electro broke into the Daily Bugle Building and stole from Jameson's safe right in front of him. Jameson accused Spider-Man of being an alternate identity of Electro, prompting Spider-Man to prove the publisher wrong. During his confrontation with Electro, Spider-Man was nearly killed when he touched the electrically charged supervillain, but was only knocked out. Spider-Man eventually used a fire hose to short-circuit Electro while wearing rubber gloves to protect himself. Since their first confrontation, Electro has become one of Spider-Man's recurring and most powerful enemies and has even joined the Anti-Spider-Man Team, the Sinister Six.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • Electro appears in the background of the Arkham City stage as one of the villains participating in the super-villain gang war.

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