Empire City is a new stage in PSABR 2 it crosses over InFamous with Destiny.Description:It's also a moving stage so you move from a train station to the streets Then the reaper's assault you as a Hazard. Suddenly a Fallen ship fly's by and drops fallen from the game Destiny and they team up with the reaper's making a more dangerous hazard. Kessler appears and fights a Fallen captain and he win's. Kessler try's to gain the captain's power but can't after being gunned down by the fallen and their sci-fi gun's. One of the Guardian's from Destiny appear's gunning down both the reapers and fallen saving the CPU's and player 1 respectiveley.

Characters:Reapers (InFamous)

Fallen (Destiny)

Fallen Captain (Destiny)

Kessler (InFamous)

Guardian (Destiny)

Hazards:Reaper gunfire

Fallen gunfire

Kessler occaisonaly attacking from the background

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