Year: 2050
Empire Climb
Empire Climb
Primary Representation WIPEOUT 2048
Secondary Representation TOKYO JUNGLE

Empire Climb is a stage included with the OVERTIME 2.0 pack alongside Youmu Konpaku from Touhou Project, and Jean Pierre Polnareff from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Empire Climb is a Playable Race Track in WIPEOUT 2048.


  • Racers (WIPEOUT)
  • Auricom Vehicles (WIPEOUT)
  • Qirex Vehicles (WIPEOUT)
  • FEISAR Vehicles (WIPEOUT)
  • Pir-hana Vehicles (WIPEOUT)
  • Animals (TOKYO JUNGLE)


The stage takes place during a combat race during the 2050 league. The stage begins when the signal to race starts, and the word "FIGHT!" Is said EXACTLY at the same time. Throughout the race, the platform players fight on goes the exact opposite direction of the actual race, plus, nobody is able to jump off said platform, thus encouraging confrontation. In addition, on occasion, the platform lowers to an area at random. There is either a chance players would step on mines accidently, get shot by hovercraft, get flatten by hovercraft, create a surge of energy that does as much damage as an Epic Item, etc. After this, the platform from before emerges again, rinse and repeat for the first half of the fight. For some reason, in the beginning of the second half, the platform malfunctions, and teleports the players in a LIFE AFTER PEOPLE, esque Tokyo, Japan where the area is bigger, and Instinct is your greatest weapon. Before crash landing, the tower on the screen says START, and many animals of many varieties strike without warning, other that just the sight of them (Even baby chickens are DEADLY.)... The rules of TOKYO JUNGLE are the same in this stage (With the exception of mating.); the animals will hunt for food in an otherwise, Human-less environment. Killing animals can attract scavengers like Hyenas. Predators can be one shotted, while the same applies to you. Depending on the size of hidings, you can either get killed, or, kill by surprise. Each character (CPU or not), has a percentage above their player stats that determines the danger level of the player caught by the wild. The level ends when time runs out (This is unique as there is no end to life after people besides life after life forms, maybe...).

  • Empire Climb (BETA)
  • Empire Climb

Soundtrack ListingEdit

1. WipEout 2048 Soundtrack - Camo+Krooked - Breezeblock (WipEout mix)

2. Tokyo Jungle Soundtrack - Launch Trailer Theme

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