Bakuki's Prison
Lil's Room
Primary Representation Escape Plan
Secondary Representation Q*bert

Escape is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Escape Plan and Q*bert.


Escape is based on the PlayStation Vita game, Escape Plan. It is the longest stage in the whole game. It is a side-scrolling stage and you fight your way through an endless hallway with deadly traps like; a smashing hammer, floor gaps, disappearing platforms, floors that slam you against the wall, fly-flaps and electricity bolts. Eventually you reach the end and the floor will break. You then find yourself in an arcade-styled stage of Q*bert. You will fight on the pyramid of Q*bert. The color of the blocks will also change when jumped on it, when jumped on it again it will return to normal. However there are still occurring some traps Bakuki sends on the stage.

Characters appearing on stageEdit


  • Escape, along with Rapture, are the only side-scrolling stages.
  • Escape, along with Journey are stages named after the title of the game.
Stage Ideas
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