Father Balder
Voiced By Liam O Brien
Franchise bayonetta
Appears in Playstation AllStars Battle Royale
Debut bayonetta
 Father Balder is the main antagonist Father Balder of bayonetta


Father Balder first appears wearing a white robe draped in gold patterns. Notable features include a gold mask that covers the left side of his face with a monocle over his left eye and a peacock draped over his shoulders with its feathers arching around his head. His skin looks noticeably pale/blue, giving him a deathly appearance. According to the game he is 500+ years old as we see him today.

When he absorbs Cereza, his appearance changes somewhat. His robe changes color from white to gold, and the gold patterns become blue and all proceed to a circle on Balder's chest, which has the blue apparitious head of Cereza protruding. The peacock feathers grow to about seven times in length and sway about during movement and, although strangely, the peacock itself seems to disappear. From the look of the model, these could in fact be wings. After the battle, Balder reverts to his original appearance, but lacks the peacock and mask, which may have been destroyed after the battle.

Connection with AllStarsEdit


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