Felix Sanchez State Park
Dan vs Chris
Primary Representation Dan Vs.
Secondary Representation My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Felix Sanchez State Park is a location used in the Dan Vs. episode Dan Vs. Chris and one of HighLifeCola's DLC Stages for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royle. It is a mashup of Dan Vs. and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


The stage starts at the peak of the rock with Tyra Argentina, the dinosaur from Dan Vs. The Dinosaur in the background as a stage hazard. The left of the peak is a pit and will teleport players back to the stage leaving them stunned if they fall off. Tyra will swipe at the players with her claw and try and catch them in her mouth as she chews on them and later spits them out, causing AP loss. Halfway through the stage, the rocks will break apart and float into the air, turning them into floating platforms. Discord will then appear in the background and try to zap the players with storm clouds he controls. When the match is close to an end, Discord will disappear and the floating platforms will fall through the air and land on top of Tyra, causing her to collapse along with the players, who will remain fighting on top of her.

Characters Appearing In-StageEdit


The first phase of the stage will use the music during the fight between Dan and Chris in Dan Vs. Chris.

The second phase will use an original version of Discord's theme.

Possible example:  

EuroBeat Brony - Discord (Instrumental)04:26

EuroBeat Brony - Discord (Instrumental)


Stage Ideas
Bullworth IconHollywood IconOakside Park IconVendecentre IconMonopoly Street IconSlaughterhouse Icon

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