Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Voiced By Steven Berkoff
Franchise Heavenly Sword
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II
Debut Heavenly Sword

Flying Fox is one of the villains of Heavenly Sword. He appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II as a boss in the story mode.


A high-ranking warrior of Bohan's army, Flying Fox seeks a worthy opponent with "style".

Connections with All-Stars IIEdit

Flying Fox acts as one of the bosses in All-Star II's story mode. Players face him inside of his bird cage-like arena in Nariko's world as he takes on the characters on his own.


First PhaseEdit

Flying Fox will fight mostly on the ground, only occassionally flying into the air to recover.

Second PhaseEdit

Flying Fox will use a new attack, in which he flies up into the air and throws one of his blades at you. The attack can be interrupted if a character can reach and attack him in time, but they must use multiple hits, as his blade throw has armor.

The blades that glow blue can be blocked, though it will cause a very minimal amount of damage. They can be countered back at him if you block at the exact moment that the blade touches you, which will cause a small amount of damage to him. The blades that glow orange cannot be blocked and will go right through your guard. Players can still counter the orange-glowing blades by blocking at the exact moment the blade hits like before, which will result in a counter move that causes more damage to him.

Third PhaseEdit

He will begin creating dopplegangers of himself, first creating only three, and increasing the number from there.

Final PhaseEdit

He starts by having the player take on an army of dopplegangers. Once they're dispatched, he'll continue the fight himself until the end.

When defeated, he falls from the arena towards the water below, saying, "Style. You have style."...


  • Flying Fox's arena is taken from the place where he and Nariko fought for the second and final time in Heavenly Sword.
  • The ending of his battle references his defeat in Heavenly Sword, in which he fell from the arena and said, "Style. That had style..."

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