Full Vampire Cole

Full Vampire is a costume for Evil Cole MacGrath that would appear as additional DLC after the release of Young Zeus and Elite Advanced Suit.

It is based off of Cole's special unlockable outfit in Festival of Blood. This costume is similar to Evil Cole's Courier Outfit, although his shirt is dark red and completely stained with blood. He has bite marks on his neck with red veins protruding from his neck to his face and both arms, and he has vampire fangs. He also has pointed, nosferatu-style ears and his skin appears a much darker shade of grey with black shadows and dark rings around his eyes, giving him a stronger "undead" styled look. His amp is also replaced with a stake that is tied to the Barbed Cross.

Pallette SwapsEdit

  • Default: Dark red shirt, black pants, dark red Union Jack.
  • Black shirt, dark red pants, black Union Jack.
  • Dark tan shirt, dark tan pants, tan Union Jack.
  • Dark yellow shirt, brown pants, light tan Union Jack.
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