Gabriel Belmont
Voiced By Robert Carlyle
Franchise Castlevania
Appears in PSASBR
Debut Lords of Shadow
Rival lil and laarg
Gabriel Belmont, also known as The Dragon, Dracul, The Prince of Darkness, is the main protagonist of the Lord of Shadow series; a reboot of the Castlevania franchise. He is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. His rival is Dante from Dante's Inferno.




"Gabriel Belmont is on a personal journey to prove his worth for the powerful Brotherhood of Light. Armed with his unique weapon Vampire Killer; he ventures onward after hearing such rumors about great warriors battling it out with extraordinary powers of their own. Will he succeed in becoming stronger or will the great slayer be damned to eternal darkness?"




His moveset is very reminiscent of how the player controls him in Lords of Shadow. The square button focuses on direct attacks with the Combat Cross aka Vampire Killer, while the triangle focuses on area attacks. Circle allows

Super AttacksEdit

  1. Dark Magic Wave
  2. Magical Aura
  3. Dragon Form


  1. "This is why you were cast out unholy one!"
  2. "Eu sunt Dracul"


  1. Belmont: "I will relinquish your evil"
  2. Dracul: "Surrender and Die, just like your fore fathers!" reveals his fanges.

Victory MusicEdit

  1. Castlevania Theme
  2. LOS E3 trailer theme
  3. Little by Little


Primary CostumesEdit

  • Default (LOS)
  • Dark Prince (LOS2)

Palette SwapsEdit

  • Default
  • Trevor (black and green)
  • Simon (Red and light blue)
  • Alucard (Black and White)