Litwak's Arcade
Game Central Station
Primary Representation Wreck-It Ralph
Secondary Representation Skylanders
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars: Grand Brawl

Game Central Station is a timed stage mash-up of Wreck-It Ralph followed by Skylanders in PlayStation All-Stars: Grand Brawl. The time is 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

Activating "WRECK-and-SMASH!", Ralph's Level 3 move, while on this stage will earn the player the "Wreck-In Time!" trophy.


The primary area is Game Central Station from Wreck-It Ralph. The only platform is the floor. A crowd of nonplayable characters (Sonic and Bowser for example) make cameos in the background, cheering on the competitors. While this is happening, the Surge Protector tries to break up the crowd and attempts to break up the fight between the fighters, making him a small hazard of being shocked from. Sometimes the crowd will throw one of the socket chairs into the arena, which can be thrown at another player. When the time reaches five minutes, Cy-Bugs will appear, scaring away all of the cameo characters and they enter a strange blue portal in the tunnel right behind the fight area. The portal will turn green and pull the arena toward it, teleporting the characters to Skylands in the area of the Core of Light. The Cy-Bugs are seen trying to eat the core and Master Eon and several Skylanders (examples being Trigger Happy and Cynder) trying to fight them off. Some of Trigger Happy's bullets or Cynder's poison sprays or other attacks will become hazards to the competitors. Once a minute is left, The Cy-Bugs have been destroyed and Master Eon teleports the players back to Game Central Station, where a party held by the cameo characters for them. The winner is the one who did the most kills.



  • Even though Master Eon is a spirit in the Skylanders series, he appears mortal and alive in the game.

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