"Everyone check your pockets, there's a thieving raccoon about."

As stated earlier the Gargoyle in the Graveyard stage makes wisecracks for characters in the game. Giving him unique series of dialog in the game. Here some DLC wisecracks for certain characters

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Characters Wisecracks
Roll Excuse me young lady, did you barrow that dress from a pink hedgehog?
Crash Bandicoot Keep spinning like that mate and I guarantee you, mild sickness.
Tomba Hey you, make me a ham sandwich!
Black Bird Why do you always hold on to your anger? Can please stop being angry?
Juliet Starling Thanks miss, but we have someone that destroys zombies in these parts.
The Heavy I don't take kindly to Russian abusers.
Agnes Tapili You look more like a freak show attraction then a motherly figure.

Twilight Sparkle

Everyone Look! Her upper member engorged just looking at a depressed donkey!
The Doctor Aren't you a little too old to be playing with that silly laser pointer?
Brock Samson Uh, You over there! There's a butterfly on my nose! Isn't that what you were looking for?
Tycho Brahe This isn't the Giraffe Zoo you were looking for.
Shrek I know what onions and you have in common, they both stink and make me cry!
Ashley J Williams Can you give me a hand with these zombies? Though you only have one hand so I'll let you be.
Gex I'm sorry mate, but this is the Horror Channel, not the Comedy Channel.
Darth Vader How can you wear that mask for so long? Say, are you a zombie?
Princess Celestia I never new the Sun God was a pony.
Dan Revenge isn't always the best answer to everything mate. But I bet you've heard that a million times already.
Wreck-It Ralph Wrecking is not allowed here mate.
Omar Kendall I find it hard to believe you put me here mate.
Barry Steakfries Flying is not allowed in the crypts.
Raphael You should consider anger management mate.
Sora Sorry mate. No "no hearts" here I'm afraid.
Dovahkiin Please try not to destroy anything with your voice mate.
Dingodile What is your obsession with food mate?
Vector the Crocodile Are you sure you're not deaf mate?
Blue Monkey Did you try talking to her mate?
Boss Cass Release that anger of yours mate, it won't do good in the future.
Jin Kazama Hope your mother doesn't find out about that tattoo.
Rayman Hmmm. No arms. No legs. I wonder if that means no brains as well.
Lammy Think you could play us a rockin' tune, miss? It gets pretty... dead around here.

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  • Roll's quote points out that she and Amy Rose has a similar dress. This fact gets lampshaded by the Archie Comics series & MegaMan: Powered Up (in which in the first issue & the PSP game, Roll's dress is just as hoopy as Amy's).
  • Twilight's quote is a reference to 3  references. The first being infamous thingy seen from the Bro'Town episode "Sione-rella. The second being the fact that her horn resembles male genitalia when it's under the effects of poison joke in the MLP episode "Bridal Gossip". The final one being her mild crush on Eeyore in the Mad skit "The Adjustment Burro".

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