305 realsize
Voiced By Kevin Sorbo
Franchise God of War
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Warzone
Debut God of War 3
 Hercules is a sub-boss in God of War 3 and is a playable character in PSASBR. Based on the legendary greek hero "Heracles". He is the third rep for God of War.



A son of Zeus and much like Kratos, his origin is painted in blood. Guided through his rage by Hera's deitic hand, he murdered his family and realised too late. He was not, however, aware that Hera was pulling the strings. Now, Hercules performs these acts to redeem himself.


Opening Edit

Hercules hears about an rumbling between gods and mortals from Hera, who she wants hercules to join in and defaet the all mighty god (polygon man) Hercules sees this as his 13th and final labor, and an opportunity to finaly impress his father zeus.

Rival Edit

Name: Commander Shepard.


Connection: Alot simular too isaac vs zeus. Tech vs Old. Both is aggresive and kinda evil, atleast if you choose commander shephard being bad. commander shepard can counter hercules with his teleknises. Hercules is best as a close up fighter, while shepard is far away shooting.


Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • "Armour is for weaklings"
  • "Look at you tremble"
  • 3rd taunt has him play a Guitar Solo.

Victory MusicEdit

  • Generic
  •  A Hero Of Greece
  • The Path Of Rage


Gladiator Edit

Hercules' default

No armor`

Hercules witout his armor, as we see him when kratos has punched off his helment and shoulder armor.

The Legendary Journies BeginsEdit

Hercules' alternate costume, based on Kevin Sorbo's portrayal of him in Hercules: 'The Legendary Journies.


  • Many subjects on this page reference Kevin Sorbo's portrayal of Hercules.

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