Hollywood Land
Primary Representation LA Noire
Secondary Representation Sonic the Hedgehog

Hollywood (Also known as Hollywood Land) is the main area in LA Noire. As well as a Pichu95's DLC Stage of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. It's mash-up with LA Noire and Sonic the Hedgehog.


This stage begins in the night-time of Hollywood, from LA Noire. It has the big 'HOLLYWOODLAND' sign behind the stage with a few people walking around, wearing 1950's clothes. There are few buildings appear on the left and right side of the stage. After a while, the sky will become a dark red colour with a portal appearing on the center on the sky, as Black Doom, from Shadow the Hedgehog, appears with a couple of Black Arms, they can attack the players as well as killing some of the people. After that, many police officers will appear from the police cars and start shooting the Black Arms, many of them got hit, some of them laying down dead, while others keep moving. After that is done, Black Doom will disappear from the stage, leaving the police officers to kill the remaining Black Arms. The stage is now shown with the LAND missing from the big 'HOLLYWOODLAND' sign, a few police officers and Black arms laying dead and the sky still in a dark red colour.

Characters appearing in the StageEdit


The first phrase of the stage starts with the upbeat Jazz version of the LA Noire theme and the second phrase of the stage has a Rock and Jazz mash-up of Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2.

Stage Ideas
Bullworth IconHollywood IconOakside Park IconVendecentre IconMonopoly Street IconSlaughterhouse Icon

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