Developer(s) Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
First Release inFAMOUS (2009)
Genre(s) Action-adventure, Platformer, Open world, hub-and-spoke
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

inFamous is a series of action-adventure/platformer/open world video games developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Series descriptionEdit

The series follows the adventures of Cole MacGrath, a young man with electrical superpowers, who must decide his own destiny of becoming either good or evil. It is the first series created by Sucker Punch Productions for the PS3, and the third after Rocket: Robot on Wheels for the Nintendo 64 and the Sly Cooper series of games for the PlayStation 2.

Gameplay in the inFamous series is primarily an action-adventure/platformer/open world type. Players control series protagonist, Cole MacGrath as he freely roams around the city, fighting crime or creating havoc, depending on the player's actions. Cole can use his parkour skills to jump and climb buildings throughout the city, along with his electricity-based powers to help him fight enemies. His powers come from a gauge which depletes whenever Cole uses various electric attacks, and refills when Cole absorbs electricity from nearby electrical sources and conductors.

Morality, known in-game as Karma, is a major factor in the gameplay and storyline. Players are able to control the course of the game by having Cole use his powers for good or evil. The choice allows players to have a different mixture of abilities, as both good and evil have their own set of powers. The game also uses a Karma meter which changes based on Cole's actions throughout the game and determines whether he eventually becomes a good or evil character.

Connections with All-StarsEdit

  • Both Cole MacGrath and Evil Cole MacGrath appear as playable characters.
  • Alden's Tower from Empire City appears as a stage, mashing up with Sly Cooper series.
    • The Ray Sphere appears on the top of Alden's Tower and will constantly emit AP for any character who stands near it.
  • Mew Marais, along with St. Ignatius Cathedral and The Beast briefly appear during Evil Cole's Level 3 super.
  • Kessler appears as an alternate costume for Cole MacGrath.
  • Reaper Cole appears as an alternate costume for Evil Cole MacGrath.
  • Zeke and Nix appear as unlockable minions, while Lucy Kuo appears as a downloadable minion.
  • Sasha, Sebastian Wolfe, and Joseph Bertrand appear as icons for Cole and Evil Cole.

Connections with All-Stars IIEdit

  • Delsin Rowe appears as a playable character
  • Kessler appears as a boss in the story mode


Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Street Fighter X Tekken - 2012 (PS3/PSV)


  • inFamous is the first franchise to have two playable characters, the second being God of War.
    • Although, this is countered by the fact that they are the same character with different movesets.

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