Intros act as an introduction to a character at the beginning of a match. While all characters have a default introduction, there are also various unlockable intros that allow characters to customize which intros their characters use. Also, characters returning from the previous game receive additional intros.

List of Intros (Returning Characters)Edit


  • Flight of Icarus: Kratos flies around the stage using his Icarus wings, then lands on the ground.
  • The Ghost Arrives: Kratos is already standing there. He brings out his blades and says "You will die!"

Sweet ToothEdit

  • I Scream, You Scream: Sweet Tooth (vehicle) slows down to a halt, then zooms in towards the door as Sweet Tooth opens it.

Nathan DrakeEdit

  • Pull the Cord and Count to 3: Drake descends with his parachute. He lands and is heavily breathing, but then stands up, brushes himself, then gives a smile and a small chuckle.

Heihachi MishimaEdit

  • Let's See What You Got: The camera zooms on Heihachi's head as he says, "Let's see what you got!," ending with a smile.

Jak and DaxterEdit

  • Jet Board Challenge: Jak is on the jet board, doing a few flips, then land on his feet, with his jet board on his back.


  • I Just Don't Fear Death: Raiden stands wearing his trenchcoat, then takes it off and has his sword drawn.</span>

List of Intros (New Characters)Edit

Jin KazamaEdit

  • Come on: Jin tightens his gauntlets, then says, "Come on." and gets into a stance.
  • Don't get in my way: The camera moves towards Jin's head as he says, "Don't get in my way."
  • He's waiting for me...: Jin looks over in the horizon as he says, "He's waiting for me..."
  • This is my fight: Jin warms up and then faces the camera.


  • Right On Time: A portal is shown and Erol walks through it, then he turns and prepares for battle.
  • Surprised to See me? : The camera starts looking at his mechanical legs, then moves up to his upper body and head.
  • Brought Some Friends: Erol approaches the camera with Death Bots behind him.
  • Watch Closely Now: Erol grabs the camera with his mechanical hand, looks at it and says, "Watch closely now."


  • Hellfire Master: A fire appears on the stage and Scorpion steps out of it.
  • Good Luck: Scorpion bows to the opponent and gets in battle pose.
  • NetherRealm Gate: Scorpion steps out of an NetherRealm gate.
  • Arrive From Flames: Scorpion jumps out of the ground leaving a trail of fire behind him. He lands on the ground and roars while fire surrounds him saying; "Vengeance will be mine!"

Ryu HayabusaEdit


Joel and Ellie Edit

  • Fighting to Survive: Joel is shown cocking up his weapons and Ellie readyies her Switchblade.
  • We Will Make Out Of This: Joel hugs Ellie before they begin to fight.
  • Trust No One: Joel and Ellie points their weapons at the camera.

Booker DeWittEdit


Mordecai and Rigby Edit


Cloud StrifeEdit


Stewie Griffin & Brian Griffin Edit


Aya breaEdit


Ashley J WilliamsEdit


Iron ManEdit


Sonic the HedgehogEdit






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