Iron Patriot
Patriot iron
Vital statistics
Title Iron Patriot
Series of Origin Marvel's Iron Man
Based on Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot is an alternate costume available for War Machine. It is also known for its appearence in the movie Iron Man 3. It is a DLC costume that can be bought for $ 0.99. However, if the player buys War Machine himself, the costume is already unlocked and ready to be used.


  • Iron Patriot
    Default: As seen in the right picture.
  • Grey: Red colors are now grey.
  • Black: Red colors are now black.


Both in the comics and the movie, the Iron Patriot remains to be the same, similar-looking suit.

In the comics, it is an armor made by Norman Osborn, formerly known as the Green Goblin, It was made after the Skrull invasion, and when Osborn replaced Tony Stark as the director of SHIELD. He realized that the team needed a heroic image of both Captain America and Iron Man. So, Osborn built this. But, he lacked technical expertise on how to operate the suit's repulsors efficiently, such as replacing the powerful unibeam with a star-shaped version, which is weaker, making it weaker than most Iron Man armors. It came to an end when in the event of Siege Of Asgard, when it got hacked by Tony Stark and shutted down. However, he recreated it in his workshop, so does the workshop is recreated. But, again it is destroyed.

In the movie, it is made by Hammer Industries for James Rhodes. Still like in the comics, it has weaker unibeam, but has a special cannon-like gun mounted on the shoulder. It is later used by Eric Savin to destroy/jack the plane where the US president is there. Later, it is seen on the Battle Of Norco where the President is held within the armor. But later, the armor is unknown about it's whereabouts.


  • The Iron Patriot in this wiki is the movie version. The comic version doesn't have any shoulder cannon.
  • Although it doesn't have a shoulder rockets, one of War Machine's move that involves him using the shoulder rockets still can work although WM uses this costume.

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