Voiced By Steve Blum
Franchise Bionicle
Appears in Playstation All-Stars Warzone
Debut Bionicle Heroes
Jaller is the Toa Inika of Fire and is a playable character in PSASBR. He is the first Bionicle character to make an appearence.


"Unity, Duty, and Destiny"Edit



"Gathered friends, listen to our legend of the Bionicle. Jaller, a swift warrior with a strong heart, is set out on his own. Though he may seem to be going against our virtues, he is on his own not willingly. Word of a new Makuta rising from the north has spread towards our island home. We do not understand anymore of this means, we believed it would not matter and that it would pass but Jaller instead took action; he tried to persuade his fellow Toa to join, however, they decided to stay. He went along, as if he did no more care after that day, believing that the Toa Inika of Fire had been abandoned by his brothers and sister, Jaller decided to go north. Alone, without any allies to join him. I cannot see for myself where this thought came from nor do I believe it to be the cause of anything truly wrong; I can only see that this may in fact "lead" into a much more darker end. I shall pray for Jaller, pray to The Great Spirit Mata Nui, help him find the light that he may need.


—Turaga Vakama



Reason:jaller walks up to waterman Jaller:what are you doing here? waterman:im here to defeat megaman,you must be him! waterman gets in a fighting pose Jaller:"you really want to fight?, ok then..lets go!"



After the perilous journey that he had took alone, he thought to himself how he single handedly took down Polygon Man, the horrors as well the warriors he had faught, and the thoughts within his head telling him that he was more so stronger than ever before. Entering the Toa temple, he sets his eyes upon a pool of water and metaphorically sees "the true light"

He began to follow a darkness that he couldn't escape nor did he wish to escape it. Having left the temple; decided to take a true leave of absence... this time, maybe for good.

Jaller was forever changed as he noticed the amazing glow, the aura that surrounded him, in delight.


Hero of DestinyEdit

Toa Jaller default.

Turn of the TidesEdit

Toa Jaller's Mahri form.

Hero RebornEdit

Takes the form of Mata Nui's Toa appearence.



Bionicle Heroes PlayStation 2 Trailer - GC 2006 Trailer01:45

Bionicle Heroes PlayStation 2 Trailer - GC 2006 Trailer



  • The palettes for some of the costumes resemble the other known Toa of specific elements.
  • Jaller in his Toa Mahri costume is the only costume in existence that changes his main weapon: His shotgun is swapped with a Cordak Blaster (an explosive cannon).
  • Jaller's personally has been darkened for PSASBR; he has forgo the no-kill rule that was made in Bionicle Legends arc.

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