Render - Jimmy Hopkins - Bully ²
Voiced By Gerry Rosenthal
Franchise Bully
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
PlayStation All-Stars Round 2
Debut Bully
Rival Niko Bellic

Jimmy Hopkins is the main protagonist of Bully, and would be playable in the PlayStation All-Stars series, making his debut as DLC in Battle Royale, and returning as a veteran in Round 2. His Minion is Pete Kowalski.


Jimmy Hopkins is a 15 year old student at Bullworth Academy. He was sent there after being expelled from all of his previous schools, but tries to be a better student when he's not faced with the threat of jocks, preppies, and girls. Jimmy carries with him all of the essential items in surviving school life. Books, firecrackers, a slingshot, and other confiscatable items.


  • Bully
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition



Jimmy's story opens during his second semester at Bullworth Academy. He hears rumors of a special "fight" taking place outside of the school and that the winner would be respected as ruler of the school. Ordinarily, Jimmy wouldn't care, but after hearing that Gary, his arch rival, would be entering, he decides to join just to see Gary lose.


Name: Niko Bellic

Reason: While revisiting Bullworth Academy, Jimmy notices a man apparently investigating a search for someone named Dimitri Rascalov. For unknow reasons, Jimmy decides to hit the man with a slingshot and takes off running, being chased by the prefects. The man tells the prefects that he'll take care of Jimmy and introduces himself as Niko Bellic, telling Jimmy that he needs to learn to respect adults. However, Jimmy, being the little deviant that he is, decides to throw a rubber band ball at Niko, and is surprised when the man catches it and throws it back at him, knocking Jimmy over. Bellic then cracks his neck and motions toward Jimmy, claiming "All right, I guess you'll have to learn the hard way, you little brat!", to which Jimmy gets up and replies, "Bring it on, old man!"

Connection: Both are popular protagonists from games developed by Rockstar Games. Bullworth Academy also appears as an easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV. Both characters are betrayed by someone they believe to be an ally at one point (Dimitri Rascalov in Niko's case, Gary Smith in Jimmy's case). Both characters also take part in illegal activities, although Hopkins' actions aren't as sincere as Niko's (numerous counts from criminal activity, such as theft and murder, in Niko's case, and multiple acts of bullying, such as wedgies and school vandalism, in Jimmy's case). Both characters also have short hair, and can purchase additionaly clothing in their home games, allowing them to have outfits chosen by the player. 


After defeating Polygon Man, Jimmy returns to Bullworth Academy. He finds Gary and delivers a wedgie, humiliating him in front of the whole school. As the AP radiates from Jimmy, he issues a new declaration: that if anyone tries to mess with him, he would humiliate them in front of everyone, and wouldn't stand for any more bullying at Bullworth.


Jimmy would have a trickster playstyle, using many childish weapons and utilizing bullying methods to fight with. Some of his moves revolve around stunning opponents.


Btn square

(Square Moves)

  • Melee Combo - Btn square
  • Boxing Combo - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square
  • Uppercut - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square
  • Leg Sweep - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square
  • Air Kick - Btn square (Air)
  • Aerial Punch Combo - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn square (Air)
  • Aerial Uppercut - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn square (Air)
  • Aerial Kick Combo - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square (Air)
Btn triangle

(Triangle Moves)

  • Slingshot - Btn triangle Hold for a stronger attack.
  • Carton of Eggs - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle
  • Firecracker Toss- Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle
  • Slingshot Cheap Shot - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle
  • Aerial Slingshot - Btn triangle (Air)
  • Water Balloon - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn triangle (Air)
  • Skateboard Ollie - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn triangle (Air)
  • Bottle Rockets - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn triangle (Air)
Btn circle

(Circle Moves)

  • "Kick Me" Sign- Btn circle A random student will kick the opponent from behind
  • Locked In - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle Traps the opponent in a locker for 5 seconds.
  • Stink Bombs - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle
  • Volcano 4000 Firework - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle
  • The Big Prank - Btn circle (Air) Drops a flaming bag while in the air.
  • Dodge Ball - Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle (Air)
  • Rail Slide - Playstation-Lstick-Up + Btn circle (Air) Slides down a rail, kicking anyone in his way.
  • Itching Powder - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn circle (Air) Drops itching powder on anyone under him.



  • Trashed! - Playstation-Rstick-Left or Playstation-Rstick-Right- Puts opponent in a trash can for 3 seconds.
  • Ear Squeeze - Playstation-Rstick-UpGrabs the opponents ears
  • Gut Kick - Playstation-Rstick-DownPushes the opponent onto the ground and kicks them below the belt.

Btn l1Btn r1

(Trigger Moves)

  • Item Pick-up - Btn r1
  • Block - Btn l1
  • Evade - Btn l1 + Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right
Btn r2

(Super Moves)

  • Humiliation- Btn r2 (Level 1)- Jimmy will either slap an opponent in the face, give them an Indian burn, or subject them to an old-fashioned wedgie, each earning a KO.
  • Bike Assault- Btn r2 (Level 2)- Jimmy rides around on his bicycle, able to kill by running over opponents, firing his slingshot, or punching them.
  • Framed- Btn r2 (Level 3)- A cinematic. Jimmy is seen running down the halls of Bullworth Academy and hides in a locker. The other characters look confused as the school's prefects take them all to detention. Jimmy exits the locker and says, "Suckers."


  • When Selected:
    • "Probably risking my life here. Oh, well."
    • "Didn't someone, like, die here last year?"
    • "You guys are gonna get it!"
  • Prematch:
    • "Stay back."
    • "You asked for it."
  • Item Pick-up:
    • "Use what you gotta, right?"
  • Using Humiliation:
    • "Oh, you gonna cry now?"
    • "Feel the burn!"
  • Using Bicycle Assault:
    • "Get outta my way!"
  • Using Out of Commission:
    • "Suckers."
  • Successful KO:
    • "Random violence, widespread destruction, gratuitous sadism."
    • "In a few years, this'll be funny!"
    • "Come on, it's just water!"
    • "Beat you into submission."
    • "Never forget to flush."
    • "Another victim."
    • "What? You gonna cry?"
    • "Taste the chemical burn!"
  • Respawn:
    • "You suck!"
    • "You're dead!"
    • "You're such a loser!"
    • "I can feel my insides rotting already."
    • "Moron!"
    • "That's it, you're dead!"
    • "I meant to do that."
    • "Maybe beating up people won't solve anything....Nah!"

Introduction and Ending Animations


My Weapon of Choice: Points his slingshot and says, "Stay back."

You wanna fight?: Runs on-screen and puts out his fists.

Another Fight?: Turns and says, "You asked for it."

Next Target: You- Shoots his slingshot off-screen.

Winning Screen

Gotta Run: Runs off as prefects chase him.

Am I in trouble, again?: Looks up as an intercom is heard saying, "Jimmy Hopkins to the principal's office."

Later: Rides off on a bike.

Extra Credit?: Points his slingshot upward and shoots it.

Losing Screen

Falls over and the screen says, "Knocked Out."

A prefect tackles him and the screen says, "Busted"

A jock runs up and give him a wedgie.

Jimmy is seen trapped in a locker, and punches can be heard from inside.

Results Screen

Victory: Jimmy shoots his slingshot and stands with a smirk on his face.

Loss: Jimmy pouts and crosses his arms in anger.

Idle Animation

Jimmy stands up straight, and will occasionally pop his slingshot.

Victory Theme


Bullworth Vest

His default costume.

Bullworth Letterman Jacket

A varsity jacket.

Minimum Wage

His outfit from the food delivery missions.

Profile Items


  • Rank 8: Pete Kowalski
  • DLC: Gary Smith


  • Rank 5: Jimmy (Scholarship Edition artwork)
  • Rank 6: Jimmy with a slingshot (Render)
  • Rank 7: Algernon
  • Rank 9: Jimmy (Yearbook Picture)
  • Rank 11: Jimmy
  • Rank 12: Gary Smith
  • Rank 14: Pete Kowalksi
  • Rank 15: Jimmy (Brown Jacket)
  • Rank 17: Jimmy's Stepfather
  • Rank 18: Jimmy on a bike
  • Rank 20: Lola Lombardi
  • Rank 21: Johnny Vincent
  • Rank 23: Jimmy's Mom
  • Rank 24: Jimmy and Gary (Artwork)
  • Rank 50: Dr Crabblesnitch
  • Rank 200: Jimmy with a slingshot (Artwork)


  • Rank 16: Loading Screen Background
  • Rank 19: Letterman Jacket and Slingshot
  • Rank 22: Hallway Lockers
  • Rank 25: Bullworth Academy
  • Rank 300: Bullworth Logo



Bullworth Academy
Bullworth Academy (Round 2)

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