Johnathan "Gabe" Gabriel
Voiced By N/A
Franchise Penny Arcade
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Fanfiction Royale
Debut Penny Arcade Webcomic

Johnathan "Gabe" Gabriel is one of the two main characters in the Penny Arcade Webcomic and its video game series Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness.



Connection To All-StarsEdit

  • Gabe appears in the background of The Inventory stage as one of the characters playing poker. When the Friendly Turrets appear, he will run away screaming like a girl.
  • He is also a minion you can unlock by reaching Rank 8 with Tycho Brahe.


  • Although his real name is Johnathan, his is almost always referred to as Gabe.

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