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The Bridge in Journey
Primary Representation Journey
Secondary Representation Starhawk

Journey is a DLC stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on Journey and Starhawk.


The stage is based on an area from Journey, namely the Bridge. The Bridge's layout is the same as it appears in the game, there are four platforms that you can stand on, however if you fall down you will spawn on one of the platforms again. Not shortly after playing carpets will appear to connect the platforms. Travelers be seen passing by. Not too long after that a Guardian rises out of the sand and searches over the stage. When you get caught in his spotlight he will bash forwards to you, but you can escape if timed right. The Guardian will do this several times until suddenly the Guardian gets shot down by a Starhawk. Various structures then rain down from the sky in the background and a war begins on the background. The stage will turn slightly darker which reveals the planet Dust on the background. Occasionally a Starhawk will fly by, an alert is given before that.

Characters appearing on stageEdit

  • Traveler (Journey)
  • Guardian (Journey)
  • Wall (Starhawk)
  • Garage (Starhawk)
  • Watchtower (Starhawk)
  • Auto Turret (Starhawk)
  • Outpost (Starhawk)
  • Supple Bunker (Starhawk)
  • Launch Pad (Starhawk)
  • Beam Turret (Starhawk)
  • Depot (Starhawk)
  • Hawk (Starhawk)


  • Journey, alongside with Escape, are stages named after the title of the game.
Stage Ideas
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