KG Commander
Vital statistics
Title Krimzon Guard Commander
Series of Origin Jak and Daxter
Based on Jak II

KG Commander, full name Krimzon Guard Commander, is an unlockable costume for Erol. It is unlocked when reaching Rank 10 with Erol.


  • Default: Blue uniform with yellow stripes, and red armor
  • Black uniform with red stripes, and yellow armor; 
  • Gray uniform with black stripes, and blue armor
  • Dark red uniform with purple stripes, and black armor


Erol wore this uniform back in his days as a Krimzon Guard Commander in Haven City.


  • Since this costume is Erol before the accident that destroyed most of his body, he has no mechanical limbs and his face is healed. The only additions are jet boosters on his legs.
  • This is the only costume in the game that has different animations and sound effects from the other costumes.

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