Kantai Collection
Publisher(s) Kadokawa Games
First Release 2013-2014
Genre(s) Action
Platform(s) Adobe Flash, PS Vita

Kantai Collection (or abbreviated as KanColle) is Japanese role-play game made by Kadokawa Games, the Anime adaption where made by Diomedea.

The setiing is in fictional World where the mysterious fleet named Abyssal had conquer the sea, special girls who do weaponized outfits and possess the spirit of historical naval vessel known as kanmusu are the only one to counter back the Abyssal.

Connection with Allstar Edit

  • Fubuki, Akagi, Shimakaze, Yamato, Kongou and Nagato will appear as playable character.
  • Mutsuki, Yuudachi, Kaga, Haruna, Naka, Sendai, Nagato, Mutsu, and Atago will appeared as Minion.
  • W Island & Truk Island stage will available as Free DLC.

Games Edit

Kantai Collection seen to be in Japanese release, so the English version will delayed until the English version of Kantai Collection will release in USA and Europe.

  • Kantai Collection KanColle (Adobe Flash).
  • Kantai Collection KanColle Kai (PS Vita).

Trivia Edit

  • Kantai Collection are related to historical Japanese Naval Fleet (Although there some German, Russian, & British Ship) so why when Kantai Collection selected, the stage will be flooded by water and forcing opponent (except Kantai Collection character and Strike Witches character) to swim or find some dry arena (example: float large wooden fracture, float Barrel, and float large ship debris).
  • W Island & Truk Island will 100% water stage so forcing opponent to swim and find any dry arena, also you can make how much often Dry Arena will appeared.
    • If at 100%, The Dry Arena will appeared only 5 second.
    • If at 0%, The Dry Arena will not appeared in anytime so forcing opponent to swim and jump which is disavantages.
  • The voice actress of Kantai Collection will be full Japanese due no sight of english release of Kantai Collection, so you will not able to hear Kantai Collection speak in English until the English dub version of Kantai Collection anime release (rumored to be dubbed either Funimation, Nico Nico, or Sentai Filmwork due Crunchyroll not able to dubbed the Anime).
    • The english voice actress will be rumored people who dubbed Strike Witches, Madoka, K-On!, and Girls Und Panzer, but still no sight of that (it would be end up like Nichijou and OreShura which no english dubber dub Nichijou into English).
    • The English version of Kantai Collection rumored be release in mid 2015 or early 2016 or may be not planned at all.

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