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Karate Jacket
Vital statistics
Title Karate Jacket
Series of Origin Tekken
Based on Tekken 4

Karate Jacket is an unlockable costume for Jin Kazama. It is unlocked when reaching Rank 10 with Jin Kazama.


  • Default: Blue jacket, white gauntlets
  • Purple jacket, red gauntlets
  • White jacket, green gauntlets
  • Black jacket, black gauntlets


Jin first wore this outfit in Tekken 4 after learning karate.


  • When wearing his Karate Jacket, Jin's hood can fall down after a certain number of hits. This references how the jacket did the same thing in Tekken 4, and 5: Dark Resurrection.
    • When in this costume, Hold on a sec... is the only taunt in the game that causes a change to a character's appearance by putting up the hood if it is knocked down.

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