Voiced By Sam Mowry
Franchise InFamous
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale II
Debut inFAMOUS

Kessler is the main villain of the first inFAMOUS. He appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 as a boss in the story mode.


The head of the First Sons and the man responsible for the explosion in Empire City and Cole MacGrath's powers. Seemingly a pure evil man, Kessler's true motives are beyond what Cole or anyone could expect...

Connections with All-StarsEdit

Kessler appears as Cole MacGrath's pre-order costume.

Connections with All-Stars IIEdit

Kessler acts as one of the bosses in All-Stars II's story mode. Players face him in the Historic District crater in Empire City.


First PhaseEdit

Kessler begins standing atop the pillar in the center of the crater. After a short time or once one of your characters attacks him, he'll begin teleporting all across the arena. He'll begin to attack with the following:

  • Kessler fires powerful beams of electricty while teleporting, each of which take about a second to charge. If a hit is successful, he'll stop firing and drop electric mines. He fires as few as three and up to five blasts (in the later stage of the fight) in rapid succession.
  • Kessler drops orange mine-like electrical grenades on the ground near his position, detonating if someone gets too close. They can be destroyed by ranged or melee attacks.
  • Kessler goes on a teleporting frenzy, then strikes with a powerful blast with enough range to strike multiple characters at once.
  • If a character gets too far out of range, Kessler uses an electrical hook to grapple the character and pulls them toward the center. He is invulnerable while doing so.

After a flurry of his electrical beams fail to hit, Kessler falls to the ground in a crouch, leaving him exposed to enemy attacks. Once he fully recovers, he'll teleport away.

Second PhaseEdit

With 1/4 of his health depleted, Kessler will use a new move: a shockwave. While slow-moving, any character standing when the wave passes them will receive massive damage.

Third PhaseEdit

Now with half of his health depleted, Kessler adds a new element to his shockwave: massive dopplegangers of himself. After unleashing the shockwave, the dopplegangers appear and begin approaching the nearest character. If allowed to touch an idle characters, even if they're blocking, one doppleganger alone can deal massive damage to a character. These dopplegangers can be defeated with just a single attack, be it ranged or melee-based.

Final PhaseEdit

With only a 1/4 of his health left, Kessler summons three flying drones to attack while he fights. They fly around characters in the air and occassionally drop bombs. These can be destroyed with a few attacks and afterward he doesn't summon anymore.

After he is defeated, he teleports to his pillar in the center, then falls off of it to the ground.



  • Kessler, as revealed in inFAMOUS's ending, is actually Cole MacGrath from the future.

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