Kingdom Hearts Gear
Cloud KH Dissidia Outfit
Vital statistics
Title Kingdom Hearts Gear
Series of Origin Final Fantasy
Based on Kingdom Hearts series

Kingdom Hearts Gear is a DLC costume for Cloud Strife. It can be purchased alone at 1,99$ or in a small pack at 4,99$.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Black skin: color swap of Sephiroth's appearance in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Red skin: color swap of Vincent Valentine.
  • White skin: color swap of Cecil Harvey


Cloud's DLC costume, "Kingdom Hearts gear", is based on his appearance in the games of the Kingdom Hearts series, sans Kingdom Hearts II, where his attire is based on Vincent Valentine's. Cloud wears a gauntlet with a golden claw, a torn red cape, and dark blue clothing underneath. A demonic black wing emerges from his left shoulder. The Buster Sword is wrapped in bandages.

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