Kingdom Hearts Gear
Vital statistics
Title Kingdom Hearts Gear
Series of Origin Final Fantasy
Based on Kingdom Hearts series

Kingdom Hearts Gear is a DLC costume for Sephiroth. It can be purchased alone at 1,99$ or in a small pack at 4,99$.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • Purple skin: his attire gets a dark-purple color.
  • Blue skin: his attire is similar to Angeal.
  • Red skin: his attire is similar to Genesis.


Sephiroth's DLC outfit, "Kingdom Hearts Gear", is his appearance from the first Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth's coat flares out behind him and has a tattered appearance. The linings of his coat are red, and he has red wing-like protrusions from his wrists. His hair and pauldrons are styled in the same manner as his Final Fantasy VII alt outfit, and he has a higher collar. Sephiroth's wing, which is always present in Kingdom Hearts, is only present in his EX Mode, and is dark blue and black with a stylized design. This outfit is available for download on the Playstation Store in all regions.

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